District 0 is a fan-made District that supplies the Capitol with Astrology and Meteorology research. The District was invented by Jabberjay78 as a joke for the Modern Hunger Games, but was then actually recognized as a real district.


District Zero was a part of Panem in its early days, but quickly grew too powerful and was disowned by the Capitol. The District struggled to survive at first, but soon managed to support itself and thrived. Even though it no longer had to supply the Capitol with its research, it still seemed to focus on astrology and meteorology. However, a grevious disease soon attacked the District, and without Panem's support, could not come up with the vaccine they desperately needed. The sickness eventually died out, but killed many of District 0's civilians in the process. District 0 gave in and rejoined Panem, no longer able to support itself. They rejoined about 150 years after Katniss Everdeen's rebellion, at the time after another rebellion brought the Capitol back to power.

Location and Environment

District 0 is located in the area where Alaska is now. It is quite a distance from the Capitol, but still sends tributes none the less. The temperatures in District Zero are often freezing, and snow is very common. Civilians have fireplaces in their houses, but have to wear very heavy clothes to warm themselves when outside. The entire District is covered in snow. Most of the buildings there are either log cabins or huge steel laboratories. Fishing is common so civilians may feed themselves, though like hunting, peacekeepers typically forbid it. Because the District is so cold, training is not something children regularly partake in, so it is not a career district.

Known Tributes

Comet Ash

Venus Blizzard

Aquila Melina

Mystique Seasonal

Nero Aquanine

Aliya Andropov

Necropilis Fall

Astro Firewall

Serenity Bourne

Devereaux Wyne

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