Dondo Grouge

This tribute is retired because his main District partner Ronda Grouge became a dual victor, but Dondo is availble for use by request.

District: 4

Dondo Grouge

District Partner: Ronda Grouge or Aquamarine Summerton

Age: 18

Weapons: Tridents, nets.

Skills: Dondo is extremly muscular/strong and can beat almsost any tribute in hand-to-hand and wrestling. Dondo is also a great swimmer and can wield tridents and manipulate nets. Dondo's also used to being hurt and can handle pain pretty well.

Strategy: Join the Careers and become their leader, put Ronda in second in charge. Lead the pack with an ironfist, if her ven doubts for a second another member's loyalty, he'll kill them on the spot. Kill the beiggest threats first, the weaklings second. At the final 8 or so he will kill the remaining Careers except his sister.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Cocky, anger management.

Quote: None

Personality: Ruthless, struts around like he owns the place, bitter, angry, mean, cruel, treats the games likea joke.

History: Dondo was born to Dareel and Heather Grouge on a stormy day in District 4, the weather foretold his future. At the age of 2 his Mother gave birth to his little sister, Ronda Grouge, but his Mom died two days afterwards. His Dad turned to drink to dull the pain and became abusive. Dondo and Ronda were forced to train vigrously with tridents and nets to prepare themselves for the games, their father wanted both of them to enter, and win. With Dareel wasting all the money on drinks, Dondo had to fish in this free time while Ronda learned to set snares. The whipping made Dondo's heart crummble and he became brutal to every child at his school. The only on he loved with his sister. Finaly at his last reaping, Dondo was sure he wanted to vouleenter. But then, his sister was reaped. He didn't care though, he still entered the games to join her.

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