Drake McLeaf is a tribute made by HeavyRotation who resides in District 7.

His district partner is Alita Oakley.


Drake has black spiky hair, and black eyes. He also wears a long sleeved orange and white t-shirt, and blue skinny
Sitting on the sofa
jeans. He is very skinny. Drake is 15 years old.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


He's skilled at throwing axes.


He's good at throwing axes, and great at captiviation.


OBVIOUSLY capitivation isn't right for a 15 year old male.



Your average jock.


Drake was born in a middle class neighborhood. He has had a decent life in District 7, only working regular hours, and never opting for tesserae. One day, he was chopping down trees (of course) when he passed by a lone house in the woods. He took a closer look, and there was an extremely beautiful girl and a witch inside. He was reaped.


Get some things that won't make people eye him, and then run off.


"What, that didn't happen to you?"


A "Don't Do Drugs" wristband.

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