D2 Earl Zoranovic

Earl Zoranovic is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Two, and his district partner is Artemis Kane.


Age: 18

District: 2

Weapon: He has trained with pretty much everything, and is overall skilled with weapons. His preferred weapon would be a spear.

Strengths: Spear, speed, strength, most weapons in general. He trained very hard in Career Academy and it paid off.

Weaknesses: Very arrogant. Doesn't always think his decisions through. Also, many people don't like him for whatever reason; they think he's evil (which isn't necessarily untrue.)

Personality: Bloodthirsty, arrogant, slightly crazy. He is not afraid to show this killing-machine side to the viewers before the Games start; he will use it during the interview in order to intimidate people.

Strategy: Join the Career alliance. Kill a bunch of people with them. When he reaches the final 8 or so, kill off the rest of the Careers in the middle of the night. After proceeding to run away cackling like the maniac he is, kill off the rest of the tributes on his own.

Token: None

History: Earl is famous back home for being the only person to ever receive a scholarship to Career Academy. His parents would have paid for him, but they were so impressed by his agressiveness at age 7 that they accepted him free. He is now the top student in his class. Outside of the academy, he likes to randomly kill things such as flowers, squirrels, and beehives (although he may have learned his lesson on the beehives.)


Angry birds12's End Games:

Rainfacestar's Midnight Games:

KEWLBEN's 145th Hunger Games:


His first name is Earl after Earle Combs, a member of 'Murderer's Row' on the New York Yankee teams of the late 1920's.

His last name is Zoranovic because Serbian names just sound more evil than others.

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