District: Any (But preferably 2, 1 or 4.)
Ebony Bronze

Ebony Bronze

District Partner: Any but normaly Marble Brazen.

Age: 17

Weapon: Her smarts, or a sword.

Skills: Ebony has taken Career training for a while and is skilled with many weapons. Swords, throwing (and wielding) knives, bow and arrows, maces, spears and tridents are her best weapons. Ebony is quick on her feet and is a fast runner. She knows many battle startegies as well. Ebony is also highly intellegent. She can spew out lies so believably no one will will not believe her for a second. Ebony has the looks to pull plenty of sponsors. Ebony can sense traps and because of her mastrey of lieing, can tell when others are lieing.

Strategy: Ebony is going to treat the Hunger Games like a chess match. Mainpulating her allies (The Careers) into doing what she wants will knocking her oppents down one by one. She is willing to sacrifice her allies to take down a strong oppenet. Ebony will never fight one-on-one unless all of ehr allies are dead. She'll do anything to make the Career pack to do what she wants; seduction, poison and lies will be her favorite methods. If a Career becomes to much of a threat she'll poison them and blame the weakest member for it.
Ebony token

Ebony's token

Token: A braclet made of ebony wood beads with two bronze skulls on oppisite ends. Supposedly brings bad luck to enemies.

Weaknesses: Doesn't know how to be hungry, can be cocky at times.

Quote: None

Personality: Smart, cool, calulating, cold hearted at times, funny, strong, brave, controling.

History: Ebony took Career training for most of her life and was raisied by a family of victors; her Grandfather was a victor, her grandmother was a victor, her mom and dad are victors, her older sister is a victor. Ebony wants to be next. Ebony has one younger borther (11) who is also in training. Her token was everyone in her familly's token when they were in the Hunger Games. Ebony secretly feels very pressured to win because she doesn't want to disgrace her family.

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