Eclipse Glade


Eclipse Glade is a tribute owned by Clove1001. Her district partner is Cotto Crest.

She is my first victor... The 113th Hunger Games 1st out of 24 (6-way tie)!!!


Name: Eclipse Glade District: 0

Age: 12

Personality: Cool, nice, caring, naturally friendly, does whatever she thinks is right, good friend, usually understanding.

Physical: Strong, tough, will never give up.

Strategy: Get something close from the Cornucopia then run for it, find water and shelter.

Skills: Amazing with throwing knives and daggers, climbing, good with bows, can make decent arrowheads, can throw spears decently, can cope with losing friends even though she doesn't like it, good singer, sprinting long-distance, knot-tying, cold doesn't bother her.

Weakness: Gets headaches, small, swords, hand to hand combat.

Token: Silver chain-link bracelet she made herself.

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