Okay! So I am going to do a Hunger Games with all my tributes like some other people

My Tributes!
Tribute Name District Score Placement Gender
Clear Glass 1 7 Male
Alisonn Jewelbright 1 8 Female
Pretty Boy 1 2 Male
Studded Gem 1 9 Female
Rebecca Behead 2 11 Female
Tyler Throw 2 9 Male
Chandler Craze 2 9 Male
Galaxy Claw 2 11 Female
Mountain Frostify 2 7 Male
Sparky Kindling 2 10


Elixer "Lexi" Strong 3 10 Female
Steel Plate 3 6 55th (Steel) Male
Ignite "Marty" Myfire 3 6 54th (Lexi) Male
Bright Streak 3 8 Female
Nikki Quahog 4 7 Female
Surf Blue 4 9 Male
Pacifica Wave 4 9 Female
Kai Atlantis 4 7 Male
Seashelle Breeze 4 10 Female
Sand Stormm 4 6 Male
Maxwell Liang 5 8 Male
Julia Manganese 5 9 Female
Illegal Drugs 6 9 Male
Millie Sip Drugs 6 3 Female
Medran Partoleskk 6 5 Male
Bleache Elfin 6 10 Female
Primrose Axe 7 10 Female
Zebrawood Biceps 7 10 Male
Oak Thunderbone 7 Male
Reanna Storm 7 Female
Colby Button 8 Male
Chiffon Leek 8 Female
Bree Mocha 8 Female
Java Jonah Beanzplf 8 Male
Karli Tweed 9 Female
Violin Rosin 9 Female
Music Note 9 Male
Lindor Vaca-Vaca 10 Male
Hen Cattopia 10 Female
Pollen Beekeeper 10 8 Male
Cornielia Goodland 10 9 Female
Lemon Grain 11 Female
Uniform Strut 11 Male
Spring Landseer 11 Female
Gold Threads 11 Male
Ryan Die 9 2 56th (Myra) Male
Candlelight Ripple 12 Female
Galen Mines 12 Male
Soldier Clerk Vane 13 Male
Soldier Myra Vane 13 Female
Purple Scratch Capitol Male
Cinnamon DuVazz`e Capitol Female
Killthem All 12 Male
Sparethem All 12 Female
Winter Berry 5 Female
Cloud Collection 5 Male

The Games

Day 1

Bree Mocha's POV

I am so dead. In five minutes, I am going to die. And how could I not? I've even developed a cold and I can't get any sadder than this. Tears storm down my face as my mentor, Lana, huggs me. "Soon you'll be living in the victor's village." She smiles.

I sniff. "No I won't. I'll be dead."

She looks at me hard. "No, you won't. You can decide to die. Or you can decide to be a victor. That's how these games work." She buries a kiss on my scalp, holding me tight as I sob. Then it's time to go. And now, I die.

Soldier Myra Vane's POV

I scout around for my brother as our plates rise up. I need to find him, we need to get out of here.


So okay. I run to the cornicopia and grab a spear, and spear Ryan Die through the stomach. Easy kill. I run over to Clerk, who got our supplies stratigectly

Ignite "Marty" Myfire's POV

I need to find Bright and keep her safe. But now I should have a little fun, getting the other tributes to kill each other. I rush over to Steel Plate from my district. "HEY!" I yelp. "So you're in love with that sexy Lexi?"

He nodds, not trusting me, I can tell.

"Well she told me she doesn't love you. So just FYI. See you around the arena!" I begin to bounce away, but then turn back. I watch him take a knife and stick it in his chest.

"OH well!" I say out loud. But then I see Lexi staring at me in disgust. She bends down before Steel and looks into his eyes, whispering, "I really did love you." She gives him the kiss he always wanted as his cannon fires.

Then she gets up, yanking out the knife, fresh with blood. Bright rushes over, preparing to flick a lighter. "Say goodbye to Bright!" Lexi whistles in a sickly sweet tone, and jams the knife into MY chest.

Bright Streak's POV

"I will burn you up," I snarl at Lexi.

She pulls the knife out of Marty's limp body. "You want me to stab YOU, too?"

I sigh. "Maybe we should just ally."

"Maybe." She grabs her supplies. "Follow me."

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