Elias cooper

Elias Cooper was the District 6 male of Epic Hobo's 150th Hunger Games, where two girls and a boy from every district were reaped.

150th Hunger Games

Elias started the Games with an alliance of seven, including him, Daniel Max "Dax" grace from 3, Hunter Hummingbird of 7, Meredith Glockney from 3, Aria Camelliston from 10, Soledad Myleswime from 5, and Jason Macgreen from 10. After the bloodbath, only Elias, Aria, and Meredith remained living. Afterwards, Meredith fell off of a cliff, leaving only Elias and Aria. At the feast, Aria, Lily Kane from 12, Emma Dazzle of 1, and Victoria Cannonsworth from 2 all mysteriously disappeared in the Cornucopia. The four of their cannons were heard, so they were assumed to be dead. After a few deaths, it was down to Elias, and three girls from 6, 8, and 10. As long as no one was left from their district, they were allowed to win. Kacey supposedly killed him, and he thought he was dead. He woke up with Aria by him, telling hom about their escape from the arena, to a place called Albion.


Name: Elias Cooper

Age: 14

District: 6

Gender: Male

Weapons: Bow and Arrows

Strengths: Hunting, Speed

Weaknesses: Plant Identification, Swimming

Personality: Shy, Quiet, Kind

Backstory: Elias was always brilliant. Many people insisted that he belonged in District 3, and he was proud to be like that. It caused him to be bullied a lot, though. He's tired of people being mean to him, and can overreact sometimes about them. He feels alone, and wants to be with close allies that aren't from his district.


  • He was the only boy to escape to Albion in his Games.
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