Emerald Infinity Is a Female Tribute for District 3. She is the Sister of Calculum Infinity the Girlfreind of

Emerald Infinity

Sparks Fly and the best freind Of Issabella Electrode. She is the A Joint Victor of TBWTPT's Sponsio Games.


Name Emerald Infinity

Age 17

Weapon Throwing Knives, Axe, Combat knives or a Trident.

Skills: Smart, Attractive, Good with all of the above weapons but especially with the throwing knives, Fast runner, Good climber, will do ANYTHING to make sure Sparks is Ok. Athletic. Good Gymnast.

Strategy: Try to ally with the Careers if not then make an alliance with 2 other people so that if it comes to it then they can overpower them. Will do anything to make sure Sparks Lives but ultimately want both to win.

Weakness: Her Brother, Calculum, and Sparks who she is very protective of. She once ran onto a football pitch in the middle of a game and knoced out the Referee because he gave Sparks an unfair Yellow Card.

Token: A pendant full of Pictures of Sparks.

Apperance: Tall, Attractive, Blonde, Medium Build, Emerald Eyes.

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