Fall Breeze

Fall Breeze is a tribute from district 7. Her district partner is Branson Stien.


Skills: Running, Climbing, Bow and Arrow, Fighting, Taming animals.
Fall Breeze

Fears: Killing friends.

Strategy: Her strategy is to run and hide in a cave or tree. Usually by a water resource. If this does not work then she will probablly make an alliance or tame an animal to kill the others.

Personaility: She is sweet and fun loving. She hates having to kill her friends but she knows it is the only way to survive.

Training Score: Usually 9.

History: In school Fall was mad fun of for her name. In school they would trip her and make fun of her. They would also laugh at the fact that she loved make-up. She tried being nice to the other kids but they just mocked her and every fall they would throw apples at her. Just about everyday she would come home crying. When she was chosen for the Hunger Games all the kids clapped and cheered. Little did she know that those kids conviced her parents to put her name in multiple times. She has 5 sisters. She knows she must win the Hunger Games...Maybe then people will like her?

Token: A headband her mother gave her.

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