This tribute is owned by MoviePopcorn123. He is my second signature tribute. His district partner was Holly Honey. He is from district 7, 10, or 11.


Appearance: Very tall and strong, tan skin, and brown eyes.

Personality: Very kind person who cares about other people and is actually very funny. But he will kill without hesitation.

Skills: Very good at throwing stuff and can is amazing with axes. He can identify edible plants and set up basic snares.

Strategy: Grab something on the edges and run. Hide and ally with some one who can protect him like a group of 2 or 3. Then kill them when the time comes. He fells that if he has to protect Haley because of her age.

History: He grew up in a huge family with 5 siblings. His dad was a lumberjack and taught him to use an axe. He had to hunt to fed his family. He was upset with himself because he felt that he wasn't doing enough. He was ready to end his life when he met Penelope and they started going out, they were truly in love and he was so reluctant to leave her


Clove1001 326th games 1st out of 26 (4 way tie)

Training Score:5

Fall escapes the blood bath with a spear and later becomes enemys with Kasha (district 9). He helps Lion Coy heal a wound but does not ally with him. The next day he is trapped in quicksand and escapes with the help of Lily Sage. Kasha falls into the quicksand and dies. He does not board a ship that kills a few people and stays on the island. Because of this he lives and wins the games along with Lion Coy, Cho Abiko, and Linda Pierre.

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