Note: These are currently being postponed until there is a chance to completely bring this up-to-date. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Featured Tribute of the Week is a concept created by Tyler, and restarted by Nick. Each week, an interesting and original tribute will be featured on the homepage.

During each month's "Tribute of Month," five tributes proceed to the final round, but only one wins. The four tributes who place second through fifth will become the featured tribute of the week for one week during the next month. 

The new featured tribute of the week will be posted each Sunday by 22:00 CST. 

Below will be a list of all the previously (and currently) selected featured tributes. 

Week Featured Tribute Image
February 5th-11th Profecía Sonar
(created by Wolfgirl23c)
February 12th-18th Cordelia Murphy
(created by El Funk)
February 19th-25th Valencia Sonar
(created by Oneders)
February 26th-March 4th Miiko Dejong
(created by YourFavoriteSalmon)
March 5th-11th Coming Soon
March 12th-18th Coming Soon
March 19th-25th Coming Soon
March 26th-April 1st Coming Soon
April 2nd-8th Coming Soon
April 9th-15th Coming Soon
April 16th-22nd Coming Soon
April 23rd-29th Coming Soon
April 30th-May 6th Coming Soon
May 7th-13th Coming Soon
May 14th-20th Coming Soon
May 21st-27th Coming Soon
May 28th-June 3rd Coming Soon
June 4th-June 10th Coming Soon
June 11th-17th Coming Soon
June 18th-24th Coming Soon
June 25th-July 1st Coming Soon

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