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Ferdinand Cruz is a 16 year old career from either District 2 or any career sate, depending on which games he's participating in.

Skills: Incredibly muscular and well-trained. Instantly adapts to his surrondings. No hesitation. He was trained to have military like precision and discipline.

Weaknesses: Not too bright, and slightly clumsy.

Strategy: Ferdinand plans to ally with the other careers and help them eliminate the other tributes. As soon as only the careers are left, he will turn on them and have a straight-on battle.

Weapon: His trusty spear, he can throw it far and accurately and can battle just as well up close. He even uses the shaft for defense.

Personality: As blunt as an axe, and as dangerous (no, he's much worse than a blunt axe.)

Appearence: Ferdinand is really tall and really muscular, so much so that he could be described as a giant. He is also very tan. He shaves into his closely cropped hair intricate patterns from his ancestors.

History: His parents sent him to a military boarding school after he was expelled from his previous school for picking fights during class. He may act tough, but inside he feels bad for disappointing his parents.

Game Scores

Best Position: 4th in Anon....'s District 2 Hunger Games

Worst Position: 4th in Anon....'s District 2 Hunger Games

Best Training Score: 12 in Anon....'s "The Dark and Hallow Mountain"

Worst Training Score: 10 in moviepopcorn123's "The American Hunger Games"

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