District: 3
Gauge Down

Gauge Down

District Partner: Destiny Bow or Electra Thunder

Age: 15

Weapons: Throwing knives (and wielding one) and traps.

Skills: Gauge can handle lightweight weapons like knives or a small axe. Gauge also has a high intelegance and can sense when something is a trap. Gauge can also set up complex and simple traps. Tripwire, electrical and pit traps are all just a few examples of what Gauge can do (let your mind go crazy on thinking up traps that Gauge could use :P).

Strategy: Grab only a small weapon and basics for setting up traps (AKA wire, etc.) then high-tail it out of there. Try to find/ally with Destiny. Set up camp far away from the cornucopia and a well conceled location and set up traps to portect the camp. If in the games with Volt: Keep Destiny away from Volt once he finds out Volt's evil intentions.

Token: His glasses

Weaknesses: He isn't strong so he fails at hand-to-and and wrestling. He's also blind without his glasses (Like Velma from Scooby Doo).

Quote: None

Personality: He's nice and doesn't like to see people die, which is part of the reason he uses traps. He's also kind of geeky.

History: His Mom died after giving birth to his little brother Volt Down (He volunteered to protect Volt). He's family is moderately poor and sometimes live off scraps. Gauge does earn extra cash though by giving peacekeepers blueprints to new traps he's created to catch criminals. He's also friends with Destiny.


Axedfox's Cryptic Games

Placed: ???

Killed by: ???

Killed: ???

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