This tribute is no longer in use! Brony12 deemed him too violent. Male: Grigory Krylov

Appearence: short blond hair, cold blue eyes, rimless glasses, pale, tall, muscular. Incredible speed and
strength for a 12 year old.

age: 12

Personality: calm, dark, cold, insane, sadistic in every way but isnt crazy about doing it, he talks calmly as he shoves weapons into tributes bodies, never laughs and speaks softly. No one will know he's a torture freak untill its too late. On the outside he acts normal, well not ALL the time...

Startagy: Career, but not as mant other 2s are, to kill them. He method, Mental and physical torture. Torture other tributes for info on their alliances, or , just for fun. Cause the Career pack to commit suicide or just kill them later himself (except his sister). After wards he and his sis will contnue torturing other tributes and making everyones lives in the arena horrible and maby team up with someone crazy like Elliot or even a smart mutt like Monster X.

Skills: Any weapons, from maces to swords to knives to presion needles. He can handle any of them. Strong, fast. Smart, incredibly smart. His biggest strength is torture, mental and physical he knows every trick of the trade. Probe them with knives and swords, burning, toxics, hanging them in uncomfortable positions, sleep divrvation, anything!

History: Grew up in a quiet family, untill a fire killed everyone but him and his twin sster, Anna. He bagan training in the dark art of torture with Anna. He trained and trainned untill he tortured his mentor and he died. He volunteered along with Anna because they hated children and wanted to get rid of them. (They tortured several children in their district)

token: none.

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