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Griffin Linx is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. He is from District Eleven. His district partner was Alice Wonder, before she became a victor his new district partner is Sophia Grey.


  • Skills:Skilled Climber, Skilled Swimmer, Hand to Hand Combat, Knife, Spear
  • Weapons:Spear, Knife, His Fists/Legs
  • Strategy:Run off taking little to nothing from the cornucopia, make his way to find water, after finding water make camp near but not next to water, possibly ally with one or two people.
  • Weaknesses: Doesn't want to kill anything/anyone, Fears Insects, Fears Birds of Prey
  • Token:A Duct Tape Bracelet
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History: Griffin is a kind boy with the average District Eleven life, he tall and most girls find him handsome. He doesn't date, and rarely makes friends due to his own shyness and gruff exterior, that he shows in public, in private he is a kind, helpful, friendly boy. He is always helping in the harvest by carrying the elderly and feebler peoples loads for them as he can manage. His father died for rebelling, few people not including Griffin know why. His mother is a proud woman who cares deeply about her sons and daughters. He has four brothers and two sisters.


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