Grizzy Girl

Grizzly Girl is my district 5 female. Her district partner is Toby Bendan . She was nicknamed Grizzly Girl because nobody knew her name and her favorite tribute is Foxface.


Skills: Climbing, Running, Swimming, Knives.

Grizzly Girl
Fears: Being killed by a poisonous berry.

Strategy: To do what Foxface did, hide in the trees or cave and steal supplies from other tributes with out them knowing. And only kill people if you have to.

Personaility: Shy and mysterious. Usually people forget about her.

Traning Score: 7, 8 or 9.

History: She lives in district 5 with her older sister. Her parents left to work at the capitol but they haven't heard from them since. When she went to one of the reapings she noticed a girl with red hair. She was chosen and as the games went she admired her. For being such a fan of the tribute who was nicknamed Foxface she was meanly nicknamed Grizzly Girl for having brown hair and for being a fan. SHe was very depressed when Foxface died. Grizzly Girl was sometimes bullied in school. As a joke kids at her school would buy her bear fur for her birthday or a bear hat. They thought it was funny but she loved it.. for her reaping as a joke they wrote down Grizzly Girl so that if she was picked they would say Grizzly Girl.

Token: A necklace her parents gave her before they left.

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