Welcome to Heavy Rotation's Tournament.

We will start by reaping 500 teenage men and women from 50 different states in the United States.

We are doing this to create Panem.

Thank you for your cooperation in this Tournament.

Italics: Yearbook Tributes

Underlined: Tributes from Users

Italics and Underlined: Tributes I made up myself

Bold: Dead

Phase 1- Reapings

State Boy Boy Boy Boy Boy Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl
Alabama Adam Clinton Sawyer Thomas Kenneth Ta Kai Shivers Caleb Tennison Eva Woods Twinkle Night Anabel Tinder Saydee Peterson Milena Gonzales
Alaska Marcus DeLeon Nick Vamp Asher Cheng Titanic DeLeon Daniel Noddings Kalle Freon Ella Webster Nathalie Olvera Night Flynn Britannic DeLeon
Arizona Robert Saavedra Adron Phelan Raven Frost Nate Joans Millard Fleur Rielle River Holly Shiftwell Naomi Valdez Ella Simmer Aspen Heartwood
Arkansas Mac Williams Adam Beirne Justin Rockwell Ivan Turner Austin Hemlin Issa Woods Anna Yoon Taylor Thorne Kelly Lennox Emma Walker
California Excel Rose Stuart Hummes Calculum Infintum Sandy Shipwreck Maverick Titan Excalibur Rose Nescaliar Bohemia Bascule Du Fey Geneive Terrion Issabella Electrode
Colorado Gerrick Tan-Torres Sam Jones Hunter Colt Sam Rhystin Kent Mason Artemis Kane Fallon Echo Cammi Piper Contessa Albany Alyssa Warshaw
Connecticut Adrian Amora Calvin Escavist Nicholas Pupiec Eugene Jung Seth Wilson Kestrel Rina Sarah Hail Katie Loretta Isabelle Castanon Victoria Green
Delaware Ryan Ling Jedwas Fintel Nate Park Takuma Oshima Riku Uzumi Florin Greenway Calliope Quinn Amelia Perry Yumi Rakashi Mikako Kitihara
Florida Ethan Stone Luca Sierra Steve Rogers Brian Anglim Miguel Gonzales Sally Vallas Giselle Sunburst Hannah Pope Star WIlliams Hailee Roberts
Georgia Blythe Honours Rift Warfield Riley Diamonto Masato Kurukaki Andrew Prescott Ariella Winter Nagi Hiwamaki Anna Summer Mikan Asagi Phoebe Prescott
Hawaii Kyle Tana Bond Phommachanh Kobe Yamaminani Jefferson Mach Souta Taru Bubbles Foam Nayeli Perdomo Cryshelle Enierga Cammie Jung Kelly Jung
Idaho Jason Whitacre Takashi Maeda Riki Maeda Oki Maeda Ichiro Maeda Melody Chan Esperanza Gonzales Annabelle Anderson Richelle Kennedy Lila Abernathy
Illinois Down Smith Anjelo Reyes Shawn Uchida Rolan Solis Martin O'Conley Spring Howards Saki Maeda Kamikita Maeda Orine Maeda Minami Maeda
Indiana Andrew Ngo Damien Goldow Kei Munakata Jeremy Wang Kyle Conquilla McKenna Strong Lisa Takahashi Mia Abernathy Dale Soriano Hanna Soriano
Iowa Talon Faust Issa Jackson Cyrus Evanco Baldwin Tarra Damien Lu Kedzie Woods Narrah Tompkins Addalyn Broddox Lyra Gunderson
Kansas Cotto Crest Eclipse Glade Lila Diamoto Gwyneth Ellis Irene Ellis
Kentucky Jaden Do Jackie Liu Driscoll Sonny Mark Velasquez

Jocelyn Do

Clarisse Steel
Louisiana Elder Thorne Mio Abara Colbie Cain Youko Mika Suzu Mika Ella Ryder
Maine Tomas Barrymore Takehiko Kenji Revelynn Tinder Diana DeSilva
Maryland William Davidson Alexander Gonzales Jaime Alcazar Katalina Camarie
Massachusetts Kyler Quist Peppa Rannoch London Bordeaux
Michigan Patrick Gonzales Skyler Thomas Mason Brown Laurence Jung Anthony Woodow Isabella Castanon Mariah Viabar
Minnesota Flare Thorne Israel Armstrong Armstrong Shadows Breanna Piper Hermione Flynn
Mississipi Blaze Hawk Ice Hawk Talia Burke
Missouri Ruben Montoya Zoe Harrison Tressadare Lox
Montana Daniel Gunton Eduardo Gonzales Kelia Wann Celeste Skye
Nebraska Flare Pine Briar Storm Cecille Tempete
Nevada Ryan Sill Ethan Tovar Cesar Vega Brandon Sandoval Lucy Varena Eris Chrome
New Hampshire David Militante Jack DeSonne Mary Sabangan Belle Taylor Ashley Lorman
New Jersey Cameron Mager Wayne Vaner Damian Grant Cathrin Fanic Shara Vaner Ashley Bannet
New Mexico Mason Yourface Jacob Donahue Helen Yourface Holly Edwardson
New York Nicholas Davenport Ivan Reid Andy Pillars Lilly Wong Cecillia Otto Anala Henderson
North Carolina Thorn Sparrow Erin Willow Jacqueline Cole
North Dakota Andre Nort Lucius Vorenus Jeni Frost Cecillia Gonzales
Ohio Brandon Kwon Max Eclipse Apricot Nodd Ren Yukunashi Harmony Pettigrew Bryce Kwon Minami Uzumi
Oklahoma Gray Shadows Lark Tinders Vivian Lee Viola Lee
Oregon Renato Villacorte Katelyn Chang Tomomi Itano Aya Morishita Danielle Anglim
Pennsylvania Zac Watt Annabelle Bolt Terri Masson Columbia Taxon Majenta Taxon
Rhode Island Dusk Shivers Gilroy Shiro Tinder Leafs Kajama Odair
South Carolina Surf Sup Jasper Freeman Cerulean Sparkle Sasha Tompkins Yoon Park Taylor Binnie
South Dakota George Gold Dondo Grouge Miley Gold Ronda Grouge Britannia Lyon
Tennessee Cameron Mager Wayne Vaner Damian Grant Matt Grunteer Aria Camelliston Katherine Fanic Shara Vaner Ashley Bannet
Texas Dominic Lopez Dripp Felton Sienna Atendido Amazonia Fallow Submarine
Utah Frederick Thorton Antero Kyo Courtney Thorna Celia Huang
Vermont Everest Tinder Daniel Oakman Cedar Lark Arianna Pema Savannah Plains Lily Bray
Virginia Finch Shade Larka Dew Anya Lisiecka
Washington Jake Tucker Satan Lockwood Edward Jung Molly Brechin Regina Rahilly Tessa Jung
West Virginia Trevor Kennedy Kagu Spring Serena Wolf Marie Baxter Posy Everdeen Primrose Mellark
Wisconsin Rowan Winter Cashew Fallow Ivy Greenwood Sheila Swift Persephone Anderson
Wyoming Cytosine Johnson Haru Sakura Takeshi Moto Addie Boulvie Abigal Springs Patrice Vienne


Yesare Dernes has failed.

Malicious Character (???) has failed.

This time, we will succeed.

This is President Atsuko Minamino, President of Mahave, signing out.

We hope to create the World of Panem.

.*Credit to Julian Espinoza*


Laurence Jung

As I finish my daily training routine, I think of what I got me and my siblings into.

For one thing, I never expected to be kidnapped and brought to this.... this place in the middle of nowhere. Possibly on another planet. Hey, at least I didn't make this happen. It was all because of stupid Tessa. She made up participate in this... this torture. But at first, it was torture, but now it's not hurting anymore.

"Your training session is up. Please return to your quarters for rest hours."

I sigh and get off the simulator. Training was kind of tiring today, but not as tiring as other days. I proceed to stand up, exit the room, and head down the hallway for my rest quarters. I soon reach Room 2AB8, and enter the room. I then flop into my bunker, and rest a little bit. My roommates, Patrick, Eugene, and Edward soon be back soon. Just then, an announcment is said.

"Will all the Jungs, the Gonzales's, and the Maedas please report to Office 10B, Sector 4?"

Office 10B, Sector 4? That must mean something urgent. That's President Atsuko Minamino's Office, who's the ruler of many planets. I proceed to rush down the hallway and speed down Sector 6 Hallway to Sector 4, A turn here, a pass there, a little pass through the open fields surrounding the training facility, enter Sector 4, go down Hallway 8A, turn left, and Office 10B is right smack there.

I arrive just in time to see Kamikita Maeda smack here face into the door.

"Kamikita? Are you all right?" I ask.

"I'm ok... I guess I'm a little clumsy." Kamikita replies, a tiny grin on her face.

Just then, Eduardo Gonzales passes through. A cold atmosphere follows him.

"Get out of my way. Or you'll be smooshed."

"Oh... sorry." Kamikita says. I don't even bat an eye.

I then enter the office. Mostly everyone is there.

"You're late." Eduardo says.

I get into my position, and wait for President Atsuko to arrive. President Atsuko arrives, followed by her robotic pink bat bodyguards.

"Hello, Test Subjects JMG."

We all stand in silence.

"So, I know you're aware this training has to have SOME purpose, am I wrong?"

We all nod our heads in unison.

"Well, you're all going to be participating in the invasion in Earth!"

We all gap in silence. Earth was our home. Why......

"You'll be all deported into states in America. There, you'll stay until November 20, where you'll be reaped into the Game."

Milena Gonzales soon asks a question.

"Quick question. What is the game?"

"The game? The game was called the Hunger Games, where two tributes were sent from twelve districts to fight to the death. Only one would survive."

"So how would this work, since there are fifty states in the United States? How will that-" Patrick Gonzales start to ask.

"Well, there will be 10 boys and girls from each state fighting to the death. This is all to recreate Panem... at least in that constellation."

That's right. We're currently in the universe of Mecha, the Nome Galaxy, the Star System Acapella, planet Mahave.

"I have to say, you were the only ones to survive in segment 2AB, Sector 6. Some other test subjects, such as the Hernandez's, the Tseng's, and the Que's have all given up on their training, and many others didn't even make it. Anyways, you'll be sent the next day. The arena of the Games is in the Downtown Area known as Los Angeles. It'll be very hot and humid there. You are dismisssed now."

All of us go our separate ways, back to our dorms.

"So what do you think she meant about.... Panem?" Edward said.

"I think I read it in a book focusing my studies." Patrick replied.

"Not sure, but I think the name of the book was Hunger Games?" Eugene remarked.

"Whatever it is, for the next week, we'll be living in different states, possibly different countries. However, we'll be meeting again during those reaping things." I say.

We reach our dorms, and for the next few hours, we just lounge around until the dinner call sounds.

The mess hall is crowded, as usual. Other test subjects from Sector 6 are already at the mess hall. I get my dinner of gruel and proceed to eat. This would be our last meal here, after two years of training. The bell to exit rings a few minutes later, and we make our way to the 2AB Lockers to go shower and change to our nightclothes.

However, after the showers, Riki Maeda notices something on his locker.

"Idaho?" he says. "What's this?"

I notice Ichiro Maeda also has Idaho on his locker. Eugene has Connecticut on his locker. Edward meanwhile has Washington. Alexander Gonzales has Maryland on his locker.

"It might be important, so let's keep it." Eduardo speaks up. I notice that on his locker is a big Montana.

I take the "Michigan" off my locker, and then go back to my dorm. Edward is already asleep, Eugene is reading a book, Patrick is doing.... nonsense math, I think.

I decide to sleep already. I'll need to save my energy for tomorrow.

Mariah Viabar- Michigan


Shut up.... Stupid freaking alarm clock. Wait a second. What day is it today? I open my eyes, look around, and find the position of my alarm clock.

5:40 AM.....Monday....November 19, 2012. OH CRAP! I'M LATE!

I leap out of my bed and run to my bathroom. I brush my teeth and run back to my room. I put on my uniform quickly and rush down the stairs to school. I run as fast as I can, over the bridge, and to the air bus stop. No one is there, and the bus pulls up.

Perfect. I get on the bus, slide my ID on, and wait. Meanwhile, I decide to check out my history book because of the Chapter 24 Quiz that we're having today in Period 4.

"In 2012.... Yesare Dernes...... 2067...... malicious character who remained unknown..... present day...... 3415."

I finish reviewing and put the book away. Hmm, the school is only 20 minutes away. I should study my astronomy book.

I pull out my astronomy book and start reading.

"Earth is right here... Mars is over there.... Venus is there..... the capitol of Venus is Attice, and the capitol of Mars is Avoricia. The capitol of Earth is Tokyo..... oh, and the capitol of the Omega 900, the closest planet inhabited by humans is Zsolt. And then the capital of Akibastar, which is 50 light years away.... is.......

Well. Uh. Crap. I think it was something Motomiya...

Crap. I'll fail my astronomy test.

Suddenly, the bus comes to a stop. The school is right over there. I get off the bus, and head to school for Delta Zero Period, which starts at 6:00 and ends at 6:55.


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