Ivy Blossom

Name: Hex Servirior

district: 2,4,1 

age: 16

personality: mean snotty vengful

height: 5'6

backstory: she used to be a sweet innocent girl. She would pet puppies...kiss babies. She lived a good life with her mom dad big sis and her brother. Her brother all of a sudden got cancer and died 2 weeks later. That changed something in her soul. Now she would hurt everyone,never do what she is told, and purposly cause accidents with other kids in the academy. She volunteers to take vengense on her brother.

weapon: throwing knifes, throwing axe
District 2 female(1)

stength: Killing and trickery

weakness: can get to crazy about her bro

fear: Dieing with out avenging the capitol for not curing her bro

interview: BE MEAN TO CEASER

bloodbath: kill kill kill

  • Hex at her wedding
  • Hex's Husband Rider
  • Hex's only son Henry

allies no one

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