Hitomi Usake is a tribute from District 2.
Hitomi Usake

Her district partner is Ireshi Takoama.


Hitomi has a brown ponytail that extends to her shoulders. She has brown eyes as well. She also usually wears a purple shirt and black gloves, accompanied with black legging and black high heeled boots. She is 13 years old.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


She's good at using a slingshot.


The people at the community home starve her, so she knows how to starve.


She can burst out in tears at random moments.



She's shy, sly, timid, stealthy, and doesn't talk that much.


Her past life has been destroyed after a fire burned down her house; she was in it, but she was the only person that survived the flames. She had to live in the community home, which the people almost never fed them. Ever since a guy called Ireshi Takoama, who lived next to her and he also suffered some damage from the fire, came every day and comforted her.


Grab only a few supplies, then run.




Her gloves.

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