Hunter Wintermoon is a tribute owned by Clove1001. His district partner is Panther Clawell.


Age: 14

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, tan complexion

Skills: Bow and arrows, making arrowheads, throwing knives, can cope with losing friends

Weakness: Can't climb well, not very good with any weapon bigger than a knife

Strategy: Get something close at the Cornucopia and run, find water

Personality: A little mean, wily, daring

History: Hunter grew up in District 7 with his father and older brother. None of them have a lot of time for him and he is often left alone. He doesn't have any friends and isn't very nice to most people. His best friend Christine died in the Hunger Games when she was 12 and he was 11. He volunteered for a 12-year old who he knew.

Token: small black ring worn on a chain around his neck

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