Ireshi Takoama is a tribute from District 2 owned by HeavyRotation. His district partner is Hitomi Usake.

Ireshi Takoama


Ireshi is usually seen with black medium lengthed slick hair, and he also has brown eyes and light skin. Ireshi also wearsa a blue polo shirt and an orange tie. He also wears black skinny jeans and red sneakers. Ireshi is 15 years old.

Skills, Weaknesses, and Weapons


He's good at using the bow and arrow.


He's good at lifting weights and also skilled at using snares.


He's overprotective of Hitomi, and he starves easily.



He's like most Careers, expect he's much more kinder and also very compassionate.


Irsehi lived in the same neighborhood where Hitomi lived. When he was 6 and Hitomi was 4, a fire burned down Hitomi's house, and they couldn't save anyone but Hitomi. Hitomi lived in the community home, where Ireshi visited her every day. Ireshi started training in the Career Academy since age 7, and then he became proficient in weight-lifting. However, a fire borke out again in Ireshi's neighborhood, and his parents had to move. He volnteered for Hitomi. If not , he was reaped.


Protect Hitomi until the end. No questions asked.


If Hitomi:

"Don't worry, I'll protect you Hitomi."

If someone else:

"Do you really need to do that?"


His tie.

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