District: 7
Isa Wood

Isa Wood

District Partner: Stone Wore

Age: 15

Weapons: Axe, knife

Skills: Isa is a great artist so she can camoflauge herself extremly well. Isa is also a very fast runner and knows how to climb trees. Isa can wield and axe and a knife. She will learn how to identify edible plants and other survival skills in training. She's also very resourcefull.

Strategy: She will only grab the absolute cloest thingt o her palte at the bloodbath and then flee. camofaluge herseflf with a paint kit fro mteh cornucopia or just with things in nature. Avoid all other tributes, espically the Careers. Only kill when nessicary. At the final two, kill the other finalist in their sleep.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Shy, nota strong fighter.

Quote: None

Personality: Different, she's quiet, shy but, she's very creative, smart and kind.

History: When she was little she was diagnosied with ADHD but that didn't stop her from achiving in school. She was always picked on by bullies and became very depressed. (cough, cough, Stone) So she was depressed for a while. She learned to put her sadness in to paintings and her art sold very well as it was very good. It was enough money to get her family (A mom Linda, Dad Oak, and two little twin bros Fall and Leaf) out of debt.

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