The 87th Hunger Games have arrived, and all of Panem is on the edge of their seats, waiting as the reapings begin, wanting to know who would go into the bloodbath this year. All twelve districts would be sending tributes, with the capitol also sending two children. The capitol demanded that the career districts: one, two, and four, send double the amount of tributes this year along with district 12. As the reapings finished and the games were soon to begin, people across the nation were already picking their favorites to win. But only one can come home as the victor. At least most of the time...

The Tributes

  • Viper Bloodworth (D1)
  • Flovia Slash (D1)
  • Ruby Moon (D1)
  • Sapphire Moon (D1)
  • Skar Skull (D2)
  • Lavender Snow (D2)
  • Phantom Blade (D2)
  • Ivy Flora (D2)
  • Bolt Storm (D3)
  • Blaze Inferno (D3)
  • Scorpius Flame (D4)
  • Blair Lake (D4)
  • Leon Rivers (D4)
  • Aqua Reeds (D4)
  • Spike Owens (D5)
  • Twinkle Night (D5)
  • Acorn Fields (D6)
  • Aurora Rose (D6)
  • Twilight Dawn (D7)
  • Scarlet Braid (D7)
  • Mikey Gold (D8)
  • Persephone Frost (D8)
  • Randall Clark (D9)
  • Yazmin Lily (D9)
  • Phoenix Gold (D10)
  • Angel Wisp (D10)
  • Forrest Shadows (D11)
  • Anabel Tinder (D11)
  • Kohl Cyphers (D12)
  • Willow Woods (D12)
  • Knight Castle (D12)
  • Vixen Ice (D12)
  • Tiger Wolfe (Capitol)
  • Xenon Osmond (Capitol)

District Male Score Female Score
One Viper Bloodworth 9 Flovia Slash 11
One Ruby Moon 7 Sapphire Moon 8
Two Skar Skull 10 Lavender Snow 9
Two Phantom Blade 9 Ivy Flora 9
Three Bolt Storm 7 Blaze Inferno 5
Four Scorpius Flame 8 Blair Lake 10
Four Leon Rivers 9 Aqua Reeds 4
Five Spike Owens 7 Twinkle Night 7
Six Acorn Fields 2 Aurora Rose 5
Seven Twilight Dawn 6 Scarlet Braid 8
Eight Mikey Gold 5 Persephone Frost 3
Nine Randall Clark 3 Yazmin Lily 4
Ten Phoenix Gold 6 Angel Wisp 7
Eleven Forrest Shadows 7 Anabel Tinder 6
Twelve Kohl Cyphers 7 Willow Woods 5
Twelve Knight Castle 4 Vixen Ice 7
Capitol Tiger Wolfe 8 Xenon Osmond 3


34. Randall Clark (D9): Knife to the chest by Skar Skull (Day 1)

33. Scarlet Braid (D7): Spear to the heart by Lavender Snow (Day 1)

32. Aqua Reeds (D4): Knife to the head by Acorn Fields (Day 1)

31. Blaze Inferno (D3): Decapitated by Blair Lake (Day 1)

30. Anabel Tinder (D11): Throat Slit by Flovia Slash (Day 1)

29. Persephone Frost (D8): Knife to the back by Ivy Flora (Day 1)

28. Viper Bloodworth (D1): Head Crushed by rock (accidently by Forrest Shadows) (Day 1)

27. Acorn Fields (D6): Bitten by a poisonous snake mutt (Day 2)

26. Bolt Storm (D3): Electrocuted by lightning (Day 2)

25. Leon Rivers (D4): Electrocuted by Bolt's trap (Day 2)

24. Flovia Slash (D1): Electrocuted by Bolt's trap (Day 2)

23. Ivy Flora (D2): Sword through chest by Mikey Gold (Day 3)

22. Mikey Gold (D8): Knife to head by Sapphire Moon (Day 3)

21. Sapphire Moon (D1): Arrow to the skull by Angel Wisp (Day 3)

20. Yazmin Lily (D9): Poison dart to the neck by Aurora Rose (Day 4)

19. Xenon Osmond (Capitol): Poison dart to the neck by Aurora Rose (Day 4)

18. Spike Owens (D5): Decapitated by Twinkle Night (Day 4)

17. Lavender Snow (D2): Poisoned by Unknown (Day 4)

16. Ruby Moon (D1): Stabbed through the stomach by Angel Wisp (Day 5)

15. Angel Wisp (D10): Stabbed through the throat by Ruby Moon (Day 5)

14. Willow Woods (D12): Decapitated by Blair Lake (Day 5)

13. Forrest Shadows (D11): Stomach cut open by Blair Lake (Day 5)

12. Tiger Wolfe (Capitol): Sword to the heart by Skar Skull (Day 5)

11. Knight Castle (D12): Knife to the heart by Blair Lake (Day 5)

10. Phantom Blade (D2): Throat slit by Blair Lake (Day 5)

9. Aurora Rose (D6): Crushed by flaming tree (Day 6)

8. Skar Skull (D2): Torn apart by wolf mutts (Day 6)

7. Phoenix Gold (D10): Decapitated by Blair Lake (Day 7)

6. Kohl Cyphers (D12): Knife to the chest by Blair Lake (Day 7)

5. Blair Lake (D4): Sword to the heart by Scorpius Flame (Day 7)

4. Twilight Dawn (D7): Bisected by Cornucopia Shrapnel (Day 7)

3. Vixen Ice (D12): Suicide by knife to heart (Day 7)

2. Twinkle Night (D5): Knife to side, dies from injury (Day 7)

1. Scorpius Flame (D4): Victor (Big Surprise....)

The Arena

This arena is situated on a deserted island-like location, surrounded by a dome-shaped forcefield that will electrocute anyone who swims twenty feet offshore. There are several rock faces and caves along with a river that divides the island in half, with a rope bridge used to get across it situated seventy feet in the air. The cornucopia is situated on a small island in the middle of this river. Tributes' outfits come with the same belt used in the 75th games that lets the tributes float on water.

The Games

Day One


The 34 tributes of the 87th Games rose on their plates, surrounding the corncuopia in a giant circle. The tributes were placed according to district, allowing for the career tributes to all be mostly in a row. At training alliances were already made, and the tributes prepared for the games that meant eternal fame for one person, and certain death for the other thirty-three. The career alliance this year consisted of eight tributes: Viper Bloodworth (1), Flovia Slash (1), Ruby Moon (1), Sapphire Moon (1), Phantom Blade (2), Ivy Flora (2), Blair Lake (4), and Leon Rivers (4). In addition, Scorpius Flame (4) and Twinkle Night (5) are allies and Kohl Cyphers (12) and Vixen Ice (12) are also allies. Other than that, no one has formed alliances. The tributes anxiously await the gong to sound as they stand on their plates. No one yet knows who will be the first to go in the 87th Hunger Games.

Scarlet Braid, D7, Cornucopia Plate

I stand on my plate, waiting for the gong to ring. The gong that will begin a games that I will certainly win. We are on some kind of small island and I am aout thirty feet from the cornucopia. There is a bridge far above us, and there are two large rock walls, one behind me and one in front of me. I'm sure there is a way to scale them, one other than the two caves that seem to be the only place we can go to. Where is the gong? There must be some kind of delay, because it hasn't gone off and it's been three minutes. The other tributes look as confused as I am. I simply stand on my plate, no longer in my position to run, cross my arms and tap my foot impatiently. Come on, just ring the gong so I can win this stupid thing.

Skar Skull, D2, Cornucopia Plate

I have no idea what is taking the game makers so long to ring the gong. Is this supposed to pysch us out? Cause if it is, it seems to be working. Most of the tributes are looking around, confused, when I hear the gong ring. I sprint forward, watching the other tributes as they begin to realize what has happened. I grab a knife set as Lavender beside me grabs a spear. I send a knife right into the boy from 9. Lavender sends the spear straight into the girl from 7. I turn to her and we exchange devious smiles.

Twinkle Night, D5, Cornucopia

"Scorpius!" I can't stop myself from yelling his name. I'm at the cornucopia and he is only a few feet away, a sheath of arrows on his back and holding a bow. I grab a bow and some arrows for myself along with a backpack and run towards him. He grabs a backpack when I reach him, and suddenly he pulls me to the ground with him and an axe soars over our heads. Scorpius grabs a knife from the cornucopia and chucks it at the thower, Ruby Moon, and it hits him in the leg, toppling him over. He grabs a knife from the cornucopia for himself and puts it in his backpack. "We need to go," he tells me, and pulls me back up again, and the two of us run from the cornucopia and around one of the rock walls of the island. On the other side is a serious of bridges that bring us to the top of the island, where there is a forest. "This will be a good place to camp," I tell him, and we run through the trees.

Aurora Rose, D6, Beaches

I have no idea what is going on. I'm running around, having collected only a knife from the cornucopia. I suddenly feel Acorn Fields grasp my wrist. "You're with me," he tells me as if he owns me. "Excuse me?" I ask, pulling away. "Come on," he says. "I'll help you live." I move farther away "I don't need your help," I inform him. "I'm fine on my own." Suddenly a knife soars past my head as I pace, burying itself in the rock wall. Acorn spins around and throws his own knife into the girl from 4. He turns back around. "Are you sure?" I have no choice now, for I am in his debt.

Blair Lake, D4, Cornucopia

The tributes from 3 are fighting over some coil of silver wire as I round the cornucopia. It only takes a slash of my knife to cut off the girl's head while the boy falls backwards with the wire. He looks horrified and I love it. But he's faster than I thought and my knives fail to hit him as he escapes. Whatever, he won't last long anyways. You can't survive off of wire, considering you can't eat it. Well, I wouldn't put it past her if he did; he is from District 3. I look around, desperately wanting to see Scorpius Flame, to throw the knife that delivers his deathblow. "Don't get your hopes up," Ruby Moon tells me as he hobbles over. "The kid just did this and ran away." He points to the bloody gash in his leg that he has pulled a knife from. "Ugh!!!" I angrily growl before taking my knife and stabbing the cornucopia with it.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Cornucopia

After grabbing only one knife, I realize that the cornucopia is too dangerous to stay at any longer. I look quickly for Vixen Ice. She is over by the rock wall at the beach, nearly concealed from view. She gestures for me to come over. I sprint as fast as I can, barely dodging a knife thrown by Sapphire Moon. As soon as I get to Vixen, the two of us head into one of the caves. After all, we are from District 12.

Mikey Gold, D8, Cornucopia

Persephone and I are trapped, hiding on one side of the cornucopia from the careers. If we run, they will see us and try to kill us. But if we stay, they will come and find us. It doesn't really matter to me if Persephone lives or dies, it's me I'm concerned for. I can hear them talking as they come my way. Flovia Slash has just given Anabel Tinder a deadly slice across her neck. As soon as I see this I whisper, "Run." We don't even hesitate. The two of us just book it and behind us, I can hear Leon Rivers yelling, "Get them!" We are almost in the clear when the knife from Ivy Flora buries itself in Persephone's back, causing her to fall to the ground. I turn around, wanting to help her up, to say good-bye, but I see another knife coming my way. I turn the corner and run along the rock wall, not even getting to say good-bye to the district partner that I thought I didn't even care about.

Phantom Blade, D2, Cornucopia

I haven't killed yet, thank god for that. Six people are already dead, five of them killed by the alliance I am now a part of. What have I gotten myself into? Skar has us in a a group, establishing himself as the leader of our alliance. Blair is running around the beach, desperately trying to find Scorpius, the boy she wants to kill badly. Viper is fighting with Flovia about sucking the blood from the dead bodies. How sick is that? For god's sake, he may look like a vampire but still. Just then, a large rock falls from the bridge above, smashing Viper's head in and making him fall into the river, filling the water with blood. Flovia recoils, and another rock falls near her. Soon, we are all running away from the spot. Wow, these people aer supposed to protect me! What if I was standing where Viper was?!

Willow Woods, D12, Bridge

"Knock it off Forrest!" I yell, attempting to stop him from kicking any more rocks off of the bridge. "Stop it!" I yell as he kicks another. "The careers are down there, and now they're going to know where we are!" Forrest stops and turns to me. "Well what if one lands on them! Wouldn't that be great? A heck of a lot easier than trying to kill them up close!" I sigh. "Oh come on, we'd never get that lucky."

Yazmin Lily, D9, Caves

The cannons go off, almost making me fall out of my tree. I shudder with each one, wondering when they will end, wondering how many have died. There are seven of them in total. I wonder if one is for Randall. I feel so bad for that poor twelve year-old who never stood a chance. But if I want to get home in one piece, then he must be dead. They all must be dead.

Phoenix Gold, D10, Forest

It's already night and the anthem begins. I know that seven have died, but now I'll find out who they are. The first face is Viper Bloodworth of District 1. Thank god, a career has died! Then it's Blaze Inferno from 3, Aqua Reeds of 4, Scarlet Braid from 7, Persephone Frost of 8, Randall Clark of 9, and Anabel Tinder from 11. Well, it's not like any big threats have died, but it still brings me closer to victor. I'm surprised that only 7 died in a bloodbath of 34, but it's a small island, and more cannons are to come. Let's just hope none of them are for me.

Day Two

Twilight Dawn, D7, Forest

It's early morning and the first thing I do is wake Scorpius Flame from his sleep. Probably a bad choice considering he sleep with a knife next to him just in case. He jumps up and slashes at me, but I think he forgets that we are in a tree and he almost falls. "Jeez," I start. "I just wanted to be allies." Twinkle wakes up and is immeadiatley on guard, but she doesn't attack. "Allies?" he asks me. "Sure, you seem like you're a nice person. And certainly brave to wake someone in their sleep and ask to be allies," he continues. Twinkle doesn't seem happy with the arrangement, but too bad, I have two strong allies now.

Acorn Fields, D6, Caves

I don't think Aurora likes me very much. My first clue was when I woke up to find her trying to leave. But she is my ally. And I will help her win. "Are we really going to stay here?" she asks, creeped out by the darkness of the caves. "Oh relax," I assure her. "I bet a kiss would make you feel better." I move in to kiss her but she pushes me away. "What's your problem, I saved your life, I think you owe me--" I am interrupted by a sharp bite I feel on my neck. Grabbing something slimy crawling on my shoulder, I throw the snake mutt to the wall, killing it. But I can already feel teh poison affecting me, and I fall to the ground.

Aurora Rose, D6, Caves

Acorn is dying. Yesterday I would've wished for this, but now I am having second thoughts. He is shaking and squirming as the bite on his neck turns purple. But I owe him. I plant a kiss on his cheeks, and the last thing he does before he dies is smile. Then the cannon sounds and he is still. Who knows how the hovercrafts will collect his body. I grab the supplies and run out onto the beach. Looking inside of Acorn's backpack I notice a dart gun with a vial of poison. He was holding out on me!

Leon Rivers, D4, Beach

The dumb non-career tributes have stolen every last bit of food from the cornucopia, leaving us only with some dried meat and a ton of water bottles. "Who here can swim?" Skar asks, considering he can't. I raise my hand along with Blair and Flovia. "Well then go get us some fish why don't ya?!" he commands. So Flovia and I head off to the ocean, with Blair arrogantly deciding she doesn't feel like swimming today. Knee-deep in water, I raise my trident to spear a fish when I notice a flash above me in the sky.

Bolt Storm, D3, Rock Wall

Finally! A power source appears as I notice the first bolt of unnanounced lightning streak across the sky. My trap, consisting of a wire leading from the moutain and into the water and a lightningrod, is ready to go. Oh wait! I notice part of thewire is protruding from the sand. Don't want people to see that or they'll dismantle it! So I grab onto the wire to reposition it when the lighting strikes the metal. I feel the current surge through me as everything goes black. But I know the careers are at the water. Maybe my death won't be completely in vain.

Sapphire Moon, D1, Beach

As we sit on the beach, far away from the water, I suddenly notice that the ocean is flashing, turning an electrified color. I don't even get the time to scream their names when Leon and Flovia both begin to shake and then fall down into the water. Three cannons sound. I guess they weren't the only ones. But they were the only careers. "Way to go Skar," I tell him, pushing him as he stares at the ocean with anger.

Mikey Gold, D8, Cave

Here I sit for who knows how much longer. How many tributes should there be left now? I count on my fingers, I think that there are 23 left but I'm not entirely sure. I still can't come to terms with Persephone's death. I mean, it's not like I loved her, in fact I was pretty much using her, but I guess I just can't stand to see someone I know die right in front of me. Plus it was my fault in the first place. I am not meant for these games.

Xenon Osmond, Capitol, Forest

No one will find me here, not with myself camoflagued so expertly. Plus, I've managed to wash off my make-up and body paint in the ocean yesterday, so I don't even look like myself anymore. I kinda like my new look, maybe I'll keep it if I get lucky enough to be crowned victor. Suddenly, I hear movement. Oh god! Someone is going to find me! I stay still as a rock, hoping that my camoflague is good enough that she doesn't see me! And it is...until she trips right over me and lands on the ground. I pounce on top of her, holding my knife at her throat. But I recognize her as the girl from District 9, and she looks harmless. "Allies?" I ask.

Twinkle Night, D5, Forest

Having Twilight with us makes our alliance a little awkward. He is constantly making jokes that Scorpius finds hilarious, and I have to pretend to laugh. Really? These games aren't supposed to be fun! We occasionally send Twilight on scouting missions so Scorpius and I can talk...and kiss...frequently. Okay, maybe the games can be fun sometimes...

Vixen Ice, D12, Cave

The anthem begins, and Kohl and I watch to see the faces in the sky. We have to peek out of the caves to see the sky, and we risk being killed. However, the careers are at the cornucopia, and we are no where near there. The first face in the sky is Flovia Slash from District 1, then Bolt Storm of 3, Leon Rivers of 4, and finishing with Acorn Fields of 6. We high-five at the sight of two careers. This high-five quickly turns into a kiss. What is it about the games that gets everyone so romantic?!

End of Day Two

Day Three

Ruby Moon, D1, Beach

We have found another tribute, and he is hiding out inside one of the caves by the beach where Leon and Flovia died yesterday. While the remainder of our pack guards the supplie; Ivy, Sapphire, and I prepare to sneak in and kill this tribute, and then we'll be down to 23. "I'll handle this myself," Ivy tells us arrogantly as she draws her knife. "Are you sure?" I ask in retaliation. "What happens if..." she then interrupts me brusquely. "I'll be fine." She then takes her knife and runs into the mouth of the cave.

Ivy Flora, D2, Cave

God is Ruby annoying! "What happens if" Really?! I'm a career, and this kid in here isn't! I won't have a problem with this. Drawing my knife, I approach the end of the cave, poised to kill. I lunge forward, but my knife hits the rock wall instead. He isn't in here right now. What the heck? I think to myself. Is this some kind of joke? Just then, I see the sharp end of a sword protrude through my chest. Well this certainly isn't what I had in mind.

Sapphire Moon, D1, Beach

The cannon sounds, and Ruby and I know that Ivy must have just killed the kid in the cave. So we wait...and wait...and wait. But she doesn't come back out. Ruby and I now know that either she is going to jump out and kill us both, or she herself has been killed. Ruby's leg is still messed up after the knife he recieved the first day, so I go inside the cave. I see Ivy's body, in a pool of blood in the middle of the cave. Who knows how the hovercrafts will get her now. Suddnely, I have a bad feeling, and I spin around, just in time to stick my knife into the head of Mikey Gold. BOOM!

Tiger Wolfe, Capitol, Forest

It's so hot and dry here! I try to find the lake again but I can't. I knew I should have saved more water! But I haven't had a drink in forever, and now the dehydration is beginning to set in. I have to have a sponser out there somewhere willing to send me water, right? I really hope so, because this is horrible. I should've just found an ally, or stayed at the lake when I found it. So I turn around, and hopelessly look even more for the lake that I so desperately need.

Spike Owens, D5, Forest

I haven't yet captured any pretties, but I know I'll find one soon. In fact I can see one now! Over there, with two other boys. She is my district partner, the one I always bully. And she hates me for it, but I love her...and now that blonde boy has her. Yes, I will kill that boy and even the other one too and then capture the girl! Hehe, and then she will be mine. PRETTIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavender Snow, D2, Cornucopia

The twins are back, but the other girl from my district isn't there with them. Well, good riddance to her! They explain that the boy from 8 killed her before Sapphire could kill him. And as we talk, I realize how much our numbers have diminished. We started out with ten, and now we are down to six. Me, Blair, Skar, Sapphire, Ruby, and Phantom. We better step up our game, the Capitol expects a much better show from us. And they will soon have what they want. Because I, Lavender Snow, am ready to kill anyone and everyone in this arena!

Phantom Blade, D2, Cornucopia

One of my partners, Ivy, has died. That makes her the first from my district. But oh well, she was mean anyways. Sapphire goes to wash the blood off of her uniform in the water while Ruby goes to set up some more traps. I can't imagine how they must feel, knowing that one must die for the other to must be awful. I really hope it doesn't come down to the two of them. And I know it won't. Because an arrow suddenly enters Sapphire's head.

Skar Skull, D2, Cornucopia

Angel runs away after sinking one of her arrows into Sapphire's head. We'll get her for that...later...right now, Ruby is cradling Sapphire in his hands and crying. We can't do anything but watch painfully as she ceases to move and her cannon sounds. Then, Ruby loses his one and only sibling. He lays Sapphire in the sand and watches as the hovercraft takes her body away. He doesn't stop crying for the rest of the day.

Angel Wisp, D10, Beach

I've killed someone. Oh well, I mean she was a career, so it's not like she is exactly human. Wow, these games do really cahnge people don't they. Whatever. I run as fast as I can, now going up the rock wall and to the large forest of the island. Finally I stop to take a breath. The sun is setting now, and the anthem will begin in only a few hours. I sigh heavily and know that I'll have to waste more energy killing more tributes in the future. I wonder if it's normal that I don't really have a problem with that idea.

Scorpius Flame, D4, Forest

The anthem begins, and as we watch, I sincerely hope that Blair will be in the sky. That I can finally just be done with her forever. But she isn't. Sapphire Moon from 1 is first, then Ivy Flora from 2, and Mikey Gold from 8. And that's it. Well, that leaves twenty of us. And it won't be much longer before we have narrowed it down even further. I hate these games so much. I'm sick of the idea that we're supposed to all kill each other; it's why I hate the careers so much. I mean, I could never ever think of killing Twinkle or Twilight, because I care about them and I wish that we could just go home together. As Twilight climbs his tree to go to sleep, Twinkle kisses me and then goes to her own tree. Well, maybe these games aren't all bad...

End of Day Three

Day Four

Willow Woods, D12, Forest

I wake up with a shock. Ugh, another nightmare. I hate this. I hate these games. I want to go home so bad. But I know I can't, and I have to be strong. After all, I made it to the top twenty tributes. And for someone like me, from a district like 12, that's really good. Forrest has recieved a sponser gift, bread and dried pork, that we eat the majority of, but we save some for later on. It feels so good to eat again.

Aurora Rose, D6, Forest

I haven't seen a single tribute apart from the careers since the bloodbath. But I'm wise enough to stay away from the careers when I see them. In the forest, I am ready to kill any tribute at moment's notice. And with my dart gun, I am actually kind of excited. I know, sick. Then I hear the rustling. Instinctively, I drop to the ground and listen, hearing two girls talking on the other side of the trees. Not careers I assume. Hehe, perfect.

Xenon Osmond, Capitol, Forest

Yazmin is a great person to talk to, and she is as good at hiding as I am. But now, we are still looking for good places to hide. Yazmin says that we should hide in the trees, but I tell her that it's better to hide on the ground and camoflague ourselves. "Yeah well that worked out so well when I tripped over you," she reminds me sarcastically. "Fine the trees it is," I tell her, though I strongly disagree. Then, as she starts to climb a tree, a dart sticks itself into her neck from nowhere. In pain, she falls to the ground squirming. As I kneel down beside her, she stops moving and the cannon goes off. I have to get out of here, now I think to myself. And as I stand up to run, I see Aurora Rose shoot a dart straight into my neck. Dying hurts.

Twilight Dawn, D7, Forest

Scorpius, Twinkle, and I take turns sparring with each other during the day to make sure we are ready in case other tributes come by. It's hard though, because I'm constantly afraid I'll accidently hurt one of them. But it's my turn to spar with Scorpius as Twinkle guards the area. We have eaten everyting that we had taken from the cornucopia, so now we have to rely on the hope of a sponser gift and random edible plants in the arena. As I spar with Scorpius, the bushes begin to rustle and something jumps out. Like an animal, the tribute pounces on Scorpius, tackling him to the ground.

Twinkle Night, D5, Forest

Spike comes out of nowhere and tackles Scorpius to the ground, holding his knife at Scorpius's neck. However, Scorpius manages to hold his knife back with his hand, though Spike is quickly gaining the upper hand. But I don't let him. With my sword I take a swing at his neck and decapitate him, splattering everyone with blood. As his headless body falls to the ground, I suddenly wish that I had just stabbed him instead. Scorpius stands up. "Thank you," he tells me and gives me a blood-stained hug. But I just shake in fear of what I have done.

Knight Castle, D12, Caves

Living in the dark caves was a horibble choice on my part. I haven't seen sunlight in days and I'm slowly starving to death. Plus I've had to kill several mutts in the last few days here. So I decide to leave the caves and head off towards the beach. The sun hurts my eyes out here, but it is so much better than living in the dark and dirty caves. And as I think this, I suddenly am caught in a trap. A net snatches me up and dangles me from a tree. It's a horrible thought to think that this is probably where I am going to die.

Blair Lake, D4, Cornucopia

Three cannons today already. One of them better not be for Scorpius. He will be mine to kill. Later on today I should probably check the traps...but I don't really feel like it. It's not like anyone was stupid enough to get caught. We begin to eat from the cornucopia's supply of food, as most of our own food has already been eaten. Except for Lavender, who has been hogging food for herself. I think pretty soon I will have to kill her. Ruby sits far from everyone else, staring out at the ocean. Wimp.

Skar Skull, D2, Cornucopia

Lavender and I eat next to each other, but most of the other careers are mad at her for hogging food. Whatever, it's not like she's fat or anything. As we eat, Lavender suddenly starts to cough. She must be choking! But I don't know how to save her! As we all group around her, she stops coughing and starts squirming around on the ground like a mad dog. We just stand around her like we're stupid and helpless, not being able to do a thing for her. But she soon stops moving and her cannon goes off. I grab the leftover food that she had been eating and take a close look at it, then I smell it. "Poison." I tell the group, wondering who our unknown assailant is.

Phoenix Gold, D10, Treetops

They have no idea what I have done. It was hard, sneaking in and poisoning the girl's food, but I did what I had to do. Because if I want to win, then I have to be okay with killing everyone else in this arena. And I am, and I vow to make their deaths as quick and merciful as possible. So I'll stay up here, in the trees, for a while, and when I need to I'll poison the remaining tributes. I wonder how victors can live with themselves after the games are done.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Jungle

It's nightime now and the anthem begins. I feel as if the action is dying down now, and soon the gamemakers will start with traps again. Especially near me and Vixen, who haven't had many troubles in days. The first face in the sky is Lavender Snow of 2. Yes! Another career! That only leaves five careers out of 16 triubtes. Then is Spike Owens of 5, Yazmin Lily of 9, and finally Xenon Osmond from the Capitol. I hope I live to see another anthem.

End of Day Four

Day Five

Ruby Moon, D1, Forest

It's so early that my fellow careers aren't even up yet, with the exception of Phantom. While I go to find Angel, he stands watch over the sleeping careers. I won't rest until I find her. I won't rest until I make her pay for killing Sapphire. Suddenly, she jumps out of the woods and nearly catches me off guard. I swing around my sword, and soon, we are caught in a deadly dance of shimmering blades.

Angel Wisp, D10, Forest

I duel that career from District 1, and he is getting way too into it. He is going crazy, like a five year-old hopped on a sugar who has just been given a toy sword for the first time. I manage to swing my blade into his stomach and he grunts, but he doesn't give up that easily. After all, he is a career. He takes his own sword and stabs me through the throat. As the two of us lay on the ground, a cannon suddenly sounds. He is dead. But I don't get the chance to laugh, because I am next. BOOM!

Skar Skull, D2, Cornucopia

I am the last to wake. As I leave my tent, I notice Phantom and Blair are sitting there, doing nothing. "So where's Ruby?" I ask them. "He went to kill that red-head." Blair tells me, a sort of scorn in her voice. Suddenly, a cannon fires. "And I guess he did it," Phantom comments. Then another cannon sounds. Phantom raises his eyebrows but Blair doesn't look surprised. "Well," she starts. "That's what you get for being an idiot. Now, who are we going to kill today?"

Forrest Shadows, D11, Beach

Willow has convinced me that we might as well head down to the beach and wash off. So we make a sort of beach party out of it. Even though we don't know how to swim, it is still fun. While one of us guards, the other washes off. It's probably a stupid choice, but considering there are only 12 tributes here besides us, we hope that none of them will come near us. And then, the careers come out of nowhere and run at us.

Blair Lake, D4, Beach

I charge right at the girl from District 12 and cut her head off. The cannon is hardly any quieter than the boy from 11's scream. I love being a career! As I turn back around to charge at the boy, I see that the Capitol boy has come out of nowhere and is sword-fighting Skar. And Phantom is just standing there doing nothing. Why is he even with us?! So I simply charge at the boy from 11, and he hardly tries to defend himself. I cut open his stomach with my knife and his guts spill everywhere.

Tiger Wolfe, Capitol, Beach

As the girl from 4 kills two tributes from lower districts, I duel with the boy from 2, the thought of killing a career makes my mind spin. But he is better than me, I can see that now, and he starts to gain the upper hand. I will not give up, even if I die here, I must go down fighting. And I do. He stabs his sword right through my heart and throws my body to the ground in unsion with my cannon.

Knight Castle, D12, Trapped

I wake from my extended sleep to see that I am still in a net and the careers still haven't come for me. It's nearly nightfall now...the anthem won't be too far away. I only wish I had a knife with me to cut myself lose from this thing. As I look in the general direction of the cornucopia I see the career pack heading my way. Oh no, this isn't good at all. This is where I am going to die.

Phantom Blade, D2, Forest

Skar cuts the rope that holds the net and the boy from 12 falls to the ground. But we surround him, and he just sits there, scared to death. "Kill him," Skar orders and at first I think he's talking to Blair. But he's talking to me. "What?" I ask in surprise. "I said kill him. Are you a career or aren't you?!" He's right, if I am a career, I have to kill him. But I can't. I just can't. I stand there, unmoving, staring into the boy's helpless eyes. "Pathetic," Blair spits out. She takes her own knife and stabs the boy in the heart. I almost cry as I watch the life escape his eyes, one final tear rolling down his cheek. And then he slumps down and his cannon goes off.

Skar Skull, D2, Forest

I know what has to happen now, but Blair is on it before me. She grabs Phantom tight and twists his head, snapping his neck in one fluid motion. His cannon goes off and he falls to the ground. That leaves nine tributes, an only two of us careers. Still, Phantom had to die, he wasn't really ever one of us. But we are two tough careers, and one of us is going to come out victor soon.

Phoenix Gold, D10, Forest

The anthem begins, waking me from my sleep and nearly causing me to fall out of my tree. I crane my neck to see the sky, see who will be there tonight. First is Ruby Moon of District 1, then Phantom Blade of District 2. Nice! Two careers today! That leaves only two to go! The next face is Angel Wisp of 10, my district partner. It's not like I can say I'm sad though, I didn't even know her. Then it's Forrest Shadows of 11, Knight Castle of 12, and Willow Woods of 12. The lower districts really took a big hit today. I turn back over to fall asleep again. Maybe I do have a chance in these games.

End of Day Five

Day Six

Aurora Rose, D6, Forest

Claudius Templesmith's voice rings out on the loudspeaker sometime during mid-afternoon. "Good morning tributes of the 87th Hunger Games! We have now reached the final 9 tributes! All of you have worked hard to get here, but we'd like to announce that tommorow we will have a victor! Today, the first 7 tributes who make it inside special bomb shelters right on cornucopia island will be safe until tommorow, while the other two will be killed by a combination of fires, bombs, and mutts! Good luck to everyone and I'll see one of you soon!" His voice goes away, and I sprint as fast as I can for the conucopia.

Phoenix Gold, D10, Forest

I run like I've never ran before, ignoring the burning pain in my lungs as I do. I'm fast, and pretty soon I'm down to where the cornucopia is. Except it is surrounded by a giant golden fence. Seven square shaped, fenced-off areas sit just on the border of this large fence. The doors to every one are open. I run in the one closest to me and the door closes as I do. A large glass box rises from the ground and encases me, the glass box having holes in it so I can beath. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until tommorow. Maybe I'll just take a nap now.

Blair Lake, D4, Cornucopia

Skar and I are both running for the cornucopia, our eyes both on the same enclosure. He is just as fast as me, and it annoys me like nothing ever before. So before we get there, I turn and tackle him against a rock wall. "Sorry Skar, but this had to happen sometime." I takke my knife and instead of killing him, instead of granting him a quick death, I stick his arm to the wall by driving my knife through it. As he screams back at me, I enter an enclosure of my own. "Have a nice death Skar," I say right before the glass box rises from the ground.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Cornucopia

I have broken my alliance with Vixen, I feel it was time anyway. So now I am on my own, running into the enclosure like a wild animal. Thank god! Now I'm guaranteed final 7! Even though it'd be better if she died now, I hope Vixen makes it to. Because...well...I love her. Oh my god! What have I done?! "Vixen!" I desperately yell. The glass is soundproof; she can't hear me. So I sit down and go to sleep. All of my dreams are about her.

Twinkle Night, D5, Cornucopia

Scorpius, Twilight, and I arrive at one of the enclosures near the fence. "Go ahead," Scorpius tells me, pointing to the enclosure. "But Scorpius, what about you?" I ask in concern. "I'll be fine," he tells me. "We'll find another enclosure to go to." I just hope that there are more enclosures. "Speak for yourself," Twilight tells him unhappily, but we ignore him. I give Scorpius a kiss on the lips, hopefully it isn't our last. "Good-bye," I tell him as the glass begins to rise around me. "Don't say good-bye," he says. "Only say see you later." Then the glass closes around me and Twilight and Scorpius run.

Twilight Dawn, D7, Cornucopia

Scorpius and I run for a while before we find another open enclosure. "Go ahead," he tells me, both of us out of breath. "What about you?" I ask. "I'll be fine just go!" he orders, not wishing for another sappy moment. "Be safe," I tell him, and I step inside my own enclosure. The door closes and the glass rises around me. He then runs off to find safety for himself. But the sun is beginning to set, and he is running out of time.

Vixen Ice, D12, Cornucopia

The sun is setting when I finally make my way down to the conucopia, settling in an enclosure near the water. Finally I can rest here. I drink my water and eat some of my bread, wanting to be healthy for the bloodbath tommorow. I can't believe that Kohl broke our alliance. Doesn't he realize that I love him? Maybe he does...maybe he did this because he does love me...because he can't bear to let me die. I doubt it.

Scorpius Flame, D4, Cornucopia

I run as fast as I can, passing many already filled enclosures. But I haven't came across Blair. Not yet at least. Finally I see an empty one. Thank god! I run for it with all my speed, even if I am tired as ever. And as I reach it, Skar Skull comes running at me and tackles me to the ground, holding a knife to my neck. I struggle, but he seems bent on holding me here and slowly killing me. "Fine!" I yell in retaliation. "You wanna dance! Then let's dance!"

Skar Skull, D2, Cornucopia

Suddenly the D4 Male manages to push me off of him. Taking his sword back off of the sand, he charges at me and shoves me over to the ground. From the sand, I take a swing at his feet but he jumps. And then he realizes that there is no point in dueling me. He jumps into the enclosure and the glass box rises as I watch painfully. That was the last one.

Scorpius Flame, D4, Cornucopia

Aurora Rose arrives a little to late, and her and Skar both stare at my enclosure in pain. Suddenly, several bombs in the sand begin to explode, and the forest above us catches fire rapidly. Aurora screams as one of the flaming trees falls from above and crushes her completely. A cannons sounds. Then, a pack of wolf mutts come into the arena. At first, Skar keeps them at bay will skillful sword-handling, but they soon are able to attack him. The wolves pounce on him, tearing him apart bit by bit, and I can't watch anymore. It's a full agonizing hour before a cannon sounds. I lay down and go to bed, wanting nothing more than to be back in District 4. I hate these games so much.

End of Day Six

Day Seven: The Final Showdown

Blair Lake, D4, Cornucopia

I've been sitting in the cage for hours, and now it is about three o'clock, before Claudius's voice booms on the loudspeaker. "Tributes of the 87th Hunger Games!" he starts. God I hate him. "Today is the final day of the 87th Hunger Games and I hope you're all excited as I am! Get ready for the final fight, and we will have our victor very soon! Good luck to all of you and I will see one of you soon!" Suddenly the glass cage raises and the door into the cornucopia beach opens. Finally. Let the 87th Hunger Games end.

Vixen Ice, D12, Cornucopia

It's almost a very ironic peace when I step out of my cage. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the water is shimmering...almost despite the fact that half of the arena was destroyed last night. I look around for Kohl but don't see him. The only person I see is Phoenix Gold from 10, but he seems more interested in heading for the cornucopia than going for me. I look around desperately now for Kohl, almost considering calling his name. And that's when the knife cuts off Phoenix Gold's head. BOOM! The D4 girl doesn't even hesitate before she runs for me with the bloody knife in her hand.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Cornucopia

I spot Vixen near me, and the crazy career from District 4 is running at her! I have to do something. So, spear in hand, I run at her too, but I am not nearly as fast. Vixen doesn't know what to do. She is scared, and so am I. But I love her, and I want her to win. "Hey Blair!" I yell, and she turns around. We then run at each other, leaving Vixen surprised. I run with my spear, ready to impale her. She runs with her knife, ready to stab. But I don't realize that she is about to throw it right at my chest. BOOM!

Scorpius Flame, D4, Cornucopia

Blair has just killed two tributes already, and Vixen is now screaming and crying. This has to end. Before she gets Twinkle. I run at Blair, sword in hand, but of course she knows I am coming. Soon, we are caught in a deadly dance of glistening blades. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Twilight run at Vixen with a knife, but she sees him. They engage in a knife duel, though Vixen is hardly emotionally stable. So where is Twinkle?!

Twinkle Night, D5, Cornucopia

Scorpius and Blair are dueling and Vixen and Twilight are dueling, leaving me to carry out my plan. My plan to show the Capitol how horrible their games are. Inside the cornucopia, I place the bomb next to a set of knives. Lucky those glass cages were built on where the tributes plates go. I'm horrible with bombs, and I'm surprised I didn't blow myself up, but I managed to dig up and activate this one. Running back out of the cornucopia, I ready my bow to fire. But something catches my eye first.

Twilight Dawn, D7, Cornucopia

Vixen and I have stopped dueling, and are now wacthing the event unfolding in front of us. Blair has pushed Scorpius to the ground, uninjured, and she throws her knife straight at Twinkle Night. Twinkle moves to dodge it, but she isn't fast enough, and the knife clips her side. She doubles over. Blair gives out a horrible, menacing laugh. But Scorpius takes his sword and stabs it right through her heart. BOOM!

Scorpius Flame, D4, Cornucopia

I run to Twinkle, the joy of killing Blair taken away by the sorrow of Twinkle's imment death. She grabs me and whispers something in my ear. "Destroy....the corncuopia....shoot.....the the Capitol....who they're messing with." I nod, taking her bow, and pull back on the string. The arrow finds its target and the cornucopia explodes into glistening gold shards.

The force of the explosion throws me to the ground, but I see that Vixen and Twilight are still standing, shocked. A piece of shrapnel flies toward them and cuts Twilight in half. BOOM! And just like that, I have lost my best friend, and soon, the girl I love. Vixen just gives a blank stare, tears rolling down her face. She takes her knife and holds it at her heart. "No!" I scream, but she doesn't listen. She takes the knife and spears her own heart. BOOM!

I turn to Twinkle, whose cut is bleeding heavily. The Capitol must be on the edge of their seats now. "Twinkle please..." That's all I can manage to say, the tears cloud my thoughts. " were meant to win," she tells me, but I can't accept it, I want her to win. "I love you." I tell her and she tells me the same. I give her one final kiss, and the moment lasts so long...I wish I could live in it for ever. Then I release her, and after a few seconds, the cannon sounds. And just like that, I'm left alone with six dead bodies. And I...Scorpius the victor of the 87th Hunger Games. I know now how a victor must feel, because my dreams will be clouded with images of the arena for the remainder of my lonely life. But at least I'll be with Twinkle in my dreams.

End of the 87th Hunger Games

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