Jimothy performing the anthem (17th Hunger Games)

Jimothy Enrique Rockstah is an arena announcer created by Beetee19.


Jimothy is obsessed with classic rock. He likes randomly playing songs from this time period in the arena and singing along to motivate the tributes. He is famous for ruining great moments in the arena by means such as playing an epic guitar solo during a fight or a love ballad for two tributes in love.


Beetee19's 19th Hunger Games: Completely ruined a romantic moment between two D11 tributes and proceeded to argue with the boy using only classic rock songs.

District3Tribute's 100th Hunger Games: Jimothy was submitted as the escort for District 8, but was forced to fight along with the other escorts, tributes, mentors and stylists as part of the Quell. He placed 95th/98.

Beetee19's 20th Hunger Games: Threw a classic rock party for the tributes for no apparent reason. Five deaths occured as a result of this.

Catnipkatniss's 125th Hunger Games: Also submitted as D8 escort. Doesn't really do anything here, so...

Katelyn.danita's Funny Games: Voted co-president of Panem.

AB12's Amazon Games: Entered as Capitol tribute. Placed 5th/28 despite receiving the lowest training score of all the tributes. Joined Team 4 and became largely annoying with his singing. However, he managed to survive for quite some time. At the end of the games, he was able to reach the city of Iquitos and climb the temple, preventing Kyler Speare from reaching the flag. Kyler later stabbed him to death during the final battle.

HR's 4th Hunger Games: Entered as D6 tribute. Games cancelled.

Beetee19's 21st Hunger Games: Requested that one of the buildings in the city be made into a completely pointless building that plays random rock songs all day long. Then gathered all the tributes in one place (a stadium) for a fake concert which was actually intended to bring tributes together to make it easier for rebellion hovercrafts to pick them up. He was later taken into custody and charged for treason. After the rebellion succeeded, he was elected President of Panem. He abolished the Hunger Games and promised to rock out to Def Leppard while not failing like past presidents (namely President DERP) did. He is seen last by Artur Soleil before heading off to bless the rains down in Africa.

HR's 5th Hunger Games: Chosen as arena announcer by Vice President Alexa Stephano. It is revealed that he can read tributes' minds.

HR's Tournament: Elected as arena announcer.


The picture is Brad Delp, former lead vocalist of the band Boston.

Favorite album: Currently Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy

His initials are JER.

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