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Jude Heron is a 15 year old male from District Nine.


Skills: Coming from Panem's grain supply district, Jude is really skilled with a scythe, but he can use most any sharp object. He's charming and seductive, and uses his good looks to make others trust him.

Weakness: Too confident at times.

Personality: Winning and charming, a total heartthrob. He is furious, however, that he cannot live his life the way he wants to because of The Capital. Will kill with very little hesitation.

Looks: His tousled hair is the same exact color of the grain he harvests for the Capital, sun-gold. He is handsome and always smiling.

Strategy: Hide out and wait until some unlucky soul crosses his path and either strike them down immediately, toy with them a little, or charm them into being his ally.

History: Jude's life was fair by District 9 standards, but horrid by the Capitol's. His parents were arrested when he was 2 years old because they had been plotting against the Capitol, and he had been raised by his Great-Uncle (whom he really loves and respects) ever since. Although he doesn't remember them all that much (aside from one happy evening that must've been their last together as a family, in which the Herons were playing a game of peek-a-boo), Jude wants to avenge his parents' death. Worked in the grain fields since he was seven, and has developed tough skin from sun exposure as well as great physical strength.

Token: An old leather bracelet of his father's.

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