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Justin, younger and more joyful.


Justin Cross is 27 year old tribute from Maine for the American Hunger Games.

Skills: Justin is a very adept hider and climber. He knows people's weaknesses and can exploit them. His favored weapon is his axes.

Weaknesses: Justin doesn't have the will to kill. He'll have to convince the children tributes from his state to kill the enemy.

Strategy: Justin will talk other tributes into killing others or even themselves. He's a smooth talker, you could say.

Personality: Justin used to be a very bright young man with a sunny disposition, but that changed when a pretty young girl broke his heart. He's convinced that winning the Games will make her love him, so he'll do whatever it takes.

Appearence: Not conventionally "hot." He has exotic good looks.

History: He has loved, and his affection wasn't returned (poor guy!) He swore to her when he left that he would win the Games for her (of course, she was interested in the fame associated with that.)

Game Scores

Best Position:

Worst Position:

Best Training Score: 7 in moviepopcorn123's American Hunger Games

Worst Training Score: 7 in moviepopcorn123's American Hunger Games

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