This my Very first Game!

Game Description:

There will be 5 victors! (if in alliance you should have no extra members)

Announcement: District 13 participated the Hunger Games!


The arena was a large expanse of various terrains. In the center, around the Cornucopia where the Tributes launch was a plain of hard packed dirt and a pile of mud . In one direction there was a wheat field, which was not visible from the Cornucopia, and a river crossing to the forest.

The Cornucopia contains 10 throwing axes,1 set of bow and arrow(10 peices),5 spears,1 awl, 2 sets of blowgun and darts (10 peices), Several Explosives or Mines, 3 maces, 1 slingshot with several rocks, 5 snares, 2 swords, 20 pieces of Throwing Knifes,2 hammers , a shield ,

2 medium sized dark green bags containing 2 packs biscuits, 1 wire (probably long), a dark green sleeping bag,a pair of socks, a rope,a dagger and an empty bottle of water.

1 big dark brown bag containing 3 medicines, abottle of medicine, a full bottle of water, 5 packs of biscuit, 3 dark brown sleeping bags, 3 sets of clothing,2 box of matches, a rope, and a dagger.

1 a small orange bag that contains 1 pack of biscuits , 2 scarfs, a black sleeping bag, a wire, a rope,3 packs of beef strips, and a half filled water bottle.

5 loaf breads ,2 fire starters,1 book of edible plants,3 sets of band aids..,2 sets of shoes,5 blankets,2 metal sheets

You will recieve a sponsor if you desperately need something...

Here is the form:





The weapons you already used..:


To submit the form post it on the comments...


District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11:

District 12:

District 13:

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