Kahill Riddles

Kahill Riddles Age:16

Kahill Riddles is a tribute from Distict 9 or Saturn or Wyoming. He is owned by Renee7, his token is a photo of his parents. Despite not being from a career district he is a career and rapidly kills tributes without thinking twice.

Skills, Weaknesses, Stratergy and History

Skills: He can identify if a plant is edible or not, he is a good climber, looks outside of the box, fast and very very strong

Weaknesses: He is am terrible swimmer, a follower not leader

History: No real history as he is a normal person

Stratergy: Kahill's stratergy is to allie and betray similar to Johanna Mason

Best and worst scores

The American Hunger Games he came 137th out of 150

The Galactic Games he came ??? out of ???

The Career Games he came ??? out of 20/24

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