Kasha Farro




11 or 9



Weapon of Choice

Sword or knives

Best Ranking


Best Training Score


Kasha Farro is a tribute owned by Necterine411. She can be from District 9 or 11. Her District partner is Bulgar Millet. She is one of Necterine411's signature tributes.


Skills: Fast, can hide easily, is clever

Weapons: Sword, knives

Strategy: Hide wherever she can until the last four, then demonstrate her skill with knives.

Weakness: Bad at using any weapon except for the sword and knives.

Token: A small braided anklet

History: A small, thin girl; Kasha has two other sisters; who both refused to volunteer for her. Her mother is often sick, causing Kasha to work twice as hard from an early age. Her father was killed a year ago when he was caught stealing food. Kasha is still recovering from his death, and kept the anklet he wore. Because of the few working members of her family, Kasha has to win, or her family will most likely starve.

Place: 13/26 in Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games


  • Kasha was Necterine411's first tribute.
  • Kasha was originally only from District 9, Necterine411's favorite district.
  • In Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games, Kasha used a magical flower to kill other tributes my blowing pollen from it on them.

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