Personal Facts

Klinger Skeet is a tribute made by Akuhano. He resides in District 11, and wants to show signs of rebellion while in the games.

Klinger Skeet

Age: 18

District: 11

History: He has waited for all of his life to get ready for the games. He is part of a secret organization that wants to bring down the Hunger Games. His whole family was killed by Peacekeepers, so he especially hates the Capitol and what they stand for.

Skills: He can run, but cannot use very many weapons. He knows how to use a sickle, but although using it for most of his life, he is afraid of sharp items. He can climb, and also knows his plants.

Weaknesses: Klinger cowers in fear when he sees something sharp. He cannot swim.

Token: A wooden model of wheat.

Personality: Klinger is hard hearted, and doesn't like talking to other people. He closes himself off, and is very quiet.

Strategy: He will run away at the bloodbath after getting some supplies, and then hide. If he is one of the last two, he will refuse to win, and try to help the other person.

Appearance: He is pretty tall, but is also very skinny. He has dark brown hair and green eyes.

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