Knight Castle
District 12 Tribute
District 12
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Choice Weapon Sword
Family Parents, two older brothers
Number of Games 3
Best Ranking 3rd (TDR's 8th Games)
Typical Score 2

Knight Castle is a tribute owned by Jabberjay78. He resides in District 12. His district partner was Vixen Ice but is now Willow Woods.


Skills: Swords, Archery, Running, Camoflauge

Weaknesses: Watching friends die, hard time grasping reality

Strategy: Hide out using camoflauge or in a concealed location. He'll kill whoever he sees with his bow, but doesn't want to fight up close. Try to find one ally.

Personality: Cheerful and jovial. He is young and innocent and doesn't seem to grasp the concept of the games. Even so, he is determined and a good fighter for a twelve year-old.

History: Knight has grown up in a very poor family, living in the Seam of District 12. Despite their poverty, Knight's two older brothers are popular, very athletic, and well-liked around town. However, Knight has been scrawny since birth, and has never been interested in sports. Instead, he is obsessed with playing fantasy games, as they are an escape from his poverty-striken reality. He prefers to be enveloped in these games rather than try to make friends or have fun in real life. Thus, he is extremely lonely. He is even ignored by his mother and father most of the time, treated as "just another mouth to feed." Though he is very depressed and lonely on the outside, he always is smiling, as when times get tough, he can always have faith in his fantasy games. When he was reaped, he didn't have much of a reaction, and his family was secretly relieved.


TDR's 8th Games: 3rd out of 24

PrezzieSnow's 1st Hunger Games: 22nd out of 24

Was shot with an arrow in the bloodbath by Drew Summertime.

Training Score: 2

Lightstone's 302nd Hunger Games: 27th out of 28

Stabbed in the stomach by Topaz Grace during the bloodbath.

Training Score: 2 (Odds: 51-1)

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