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Lance Rye

At fifteen years old, Lance is way more accomplished than anyone else in his school in District 1. He is the most handsome and athletic, a favorite to be champion of the Games. If only they knew his secret...

Skills: Lance is great with all weapons. He is extremely fit and agile. He also is good at making allies.

Weaknesses: Lance is too merciful. He's a sucker for a pretty face. Not the sharpest tool in the shed,

Weapon: Lance is best with with his double-hooked swords (look them up, they're very cool!) :D

Strategy: Ally not with the Careers, but the outlying Districts and Three. He'll help out the underdogs, and kill all who stand in their way.

Personality: Lance is outwardly the perfect model student and citizen of District 1, with an amiabe persona and adorable tendencies. But on the the inside, he's tortured and confused.

Appearence: With his gorgeous tawny locks, and bright blue eyes, Lance is stunning. Adding to that allure is his perfectly toned, tan body.

History: Not one person would've guessed that Lance would volunteer to take his schoolmate Andrew's place in the reaping. They all thought that this boy could've done so much with his life. They all assumed Lance was just being noble and kind. But that wasn't true. Lance knew he couldn't bear to see Andrew dead, because he loved him (as much more than a best friend.) When his father came to say his last goodbyes, Lance came out to him. It went very badly. His father spat in his own son's face and said "I always knew something was wrong with you. You are no longer my son." Lance hardened his heart after that.

Game Scores

Best Position:

Worst Position:

Best Training Score: 11 in Anon....'s "The Capitol Hunger Games"

Worst Training Score: 11 in Anon....'s "The Capitol Hunger Games"

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