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Leila Labelle is a fifteen year old career tribute from District 2.


Skills: Resourceful, and being a career, excellent in almost every weapon field. Best at long range items (crossbow, arrow) but also very good with the rapier.

Weakness: Lets no one get close to her; she will generally accept no allies (much less a friend.)

Personality: Crafty, cruel, and a loner. She was shunned by all her age and decides to return the "favor" by punishing everyone in the arena.

Looks: Very nice features; but they are marred by her constant sour expression and a burn that covers the right side of her face. Raven black hair and gray eyes, sickly physique despite her frequent training.

Strategy: Don't ally with anyone, just pick them off as soon as they go asleep or poison the tributes supplies. She's merciless.

History: She was an accident, and her parents never loved her. She was basically raised by her governess/trainer, Brunhilda. When she was twelve, her house caught fire and she risked her life to go back inside and save her sister. Leila was an outcast among her schoolmates and her family, and that made her all the more ready for the Games. She volunteered in place of her older sister (who had recieved all of their parents' affection.)

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