Lelt Dregg
Lelt Dregg







Weapon of choice



Tribute (Tournament, Spring 2011)


Wyoming (United States)



to be determined


Personality: Hopeful, ongoing, persistent, worried (about Nomin Dregg)

Appearance: Bronze-colored hair, light blue eyes, light-skinned

Skills: Diplomacy, snares, climbing, and a quick runner

Weaknesses: Prefers diplomacy over fighting (unless it's against Nomin Dregg, or if he's one of the Final 8)

Clothing: Wearing a bronze-colored shirt, navy jeans, and leather shoes as of his Reaping. His token is a brass crescent-moon necklace, and he wears it often.

Story: He is pen pals with Nomin Dregg. When he and Nomin was reaped, he was told that Nomin would protect him, and only at the Interviews did he realize that Nomin Dregg wanted to kill him.

Strategy: Once he collects some materials at the Cornucopia, find a common enemy (someone who also wants to take out Nomin Dregg) and ally with them. Get through each day as a team, if he can find an alliance, and once Nomin finds him, fight Nomin and kill him. Try to be self-sufficient so you can be well-fit to fight any Tribute that charges at him.

Token: A cresent-moon necklace sent to him by Nomin Dregg during the pen pal days.

Quote: "I know what Nomin is up to, and it's not good."

Hunger Games Participant

He has participated in these Hunger Games:

Jabberjay78/The 78th Hunger Games!

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