Before the Games==

Lena has two siblings. Tykwon, her younger brother, and Christine her older sister. Christine decided to move out of the district, a year after, Lena's parents kicked her out. Christine was not caught leaving. But that year, she was reaped in the Hunger Games. She was killed by Rift Warfeild. He slit her throat. That was also the year that her brother died. Lena went back, just as she promised to Tykwon, and came home to find him dead. Aswell as her parents, but she didn't really care about them. The next year, she was reaped.

The Games

She loved flowers. Treated them like they were a human being. With that said, while she was training, she met Rift, Ariella, and Scarlet. Ariella and Scarlet were not to fond of Lena, and they didn't trust her. But Rift asked Lena if she wanted to be in there alliance. Lena really didn't want to win. There was nothing to go to if she did. But Rift convinced her that she does deserve to live. So she joins with them. Scarlet reminds her of Tykwon, and she doesn't want to see her die. While running around with a knife in her shoe, she accidently cut her Akeiliece. It was hard for her to walk. But she managed well. There was a spot in the arena where she sang to the flowers to keep her calm. She called it, the Arrow Field, because that is the place where Rift got shot with an arrow, and many others. Her district partner, Sirus, was also in there alliance. But Rift finds him making alliance with the last few. Lena heard, and was very angry at the thought that he betrayed us. So he will die. Only ttwo more deaths. While Lena is in the Arrow Field, she see's him. She almost kills him, but then lets him go because he explained how he declined there offer. She belives him. But Rift wants to kill him. Sirus comes back, and Rift and him fight. Lena messes with some flowers so she wont have to watch them. She gets hit with a sphere. Rift kills the girl that killed Lena. And Lena dies.

Post games

Lena was brought back. Shortly after, so was her little brother, Tykwon.

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