D12 Leo Algieba

Leo Algieba is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Twelve, and his district partner is Libra Gliese.


Age: 15

District: 12

Weapon: Leo doesn’t really have any experience with weapons. He will try to use an axe in training and see if it works out well.

Skills: Leo has minimal practice with an axe from training. His biggest asset, though, is his speed; he was well-known amongst his classmates for it. He has a charming personality that he hopes will help him to attract Capitol sponsors.

Weaknesses: Leo is inexperienced in any sort of hand-to-hand combat. His most concerning problem would be that mentally, he can become a little too laid-back after a short time of not having to fight for his life. 

Personality: Leo comes off as funny and charming. He also has a sort of carefree attitude which, although it makes him likeable within his district, can result in a lack of dedication to ordinary tasks, which could very well hurt him in the Games.

Strategy: First and foremost, charm as many sponsors as he can. Try to get an ally or two in training to take into the games with him, but make sure that it is somebody he can get along with. He likely won’t have much of a plan for the games other than grab the closest weapon and run.

Token: Broken watch that he has no personal connection to whatsoever

History: Leo was born in District Twelve to a single mother with very little income. He grew up poor, with his mother hardly caring for him. Only now that he has been chosen to participate in the Games has he found out why this is the case. Now, Leo knows what he wanted to know all his life: his dad was reaped before Leo was born. Leo is on a mission to find out who his dad really was- or die trying. Leo was reaped.


Katelyn.danita's 101st Hunger Games: 20th/24- Killed during bloodbath by Zacharius Thorne.

Mysims' 106th Hunger Games: 16th/24- Survived bloodbath but was soon crushed by a falling elevator.

AxedFox's 5th Hunger Games: 26th/30- Stabbed during bloodbath by Israel Tree.

Rainbow Shifter's Chess Games:


Algieba is a star in the constellation Leo. His district partner is also named after a zodiacal constellation.

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