Lily after the games

So I am only going to make pages for my victor


Apperence: long blond hair blue eyes, tall, and tan skin.

Personality: seducive and a liar.

Skills: spears knife, and anything else with a point. She can also get tan anywhere.

Weakness: Very girly.

Strategy: Make an alliance with only boys and let them do all the work then kill them in their sleep and move to the next alliance.

History: her dad forced her to train so she hates him. She is an only child but has so many friends it doesnt matter.


"Lets go Midas style" Anon... district 1 games

Place: 1st for girls out of 28.

She was the first tribute to discover the fountian when she threw in two careers. She wasn't as evil as the discription said though. She then allied with Sensation and Minea, she then killed Minea in her sleep using another tributes gifts. She later feels great remorse after Sensation takes the winners spot for boys. Then after Shine mistakes her for Lydia she beheads her. Sensation forgives her and says she stole his heart.


  • This was Lilies first games and she won compared to people who have been entered 5 time and not won.

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