Lion Coy
District Eleven - Lion Coy
District Eleven Tribute







Choice Weapon


Best Ranking

1st (Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games)

Training Score


Lion Coy is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. He is from District Eleven. His district partner was Alice Wonder, before he became a victor. He is Kenzen's first victor, and so far only victor.


  • Skills:Skilled Climber, Nimble, Swordsman, Good Aim, Smart, Good Runner
  • Weapons:Sword, Knife, Throwing Knifes
  • Strategy:Run and Hide, Hunt and Gather, Come out into open near final three, Win
  • Weaknesses:Weak, Bad Swimmer, Doesn't like to kill anything, Fears Spiders
  • Token:A bullet shell tied to a string.
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History: Lion is brave, he has a kind heart. Due to his lack of strength, most girls pass him by for stronger men. He is a lonely guy. He knows his final moments will be in the arena, all his life he knew he would be reaped, just a gut feeling. Mother is young, and very supportive. Father died at the hands of the capitol, Brother is an Avox and is a servant to the capitol. Has a younger sister born after his father died. Is a large part of the harvest.


The Modern Hunger Games - 11th out of 26

Died in earthquake.

Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games - 1st (Four Way Tie) out of 26

Before attempted killing, his attempter, was beheaded.

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