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Lise Swaisgood



Lise Swaisgood - 14 years old

from district 4 (in american hunger games- virginia) ((or whatever games she's in))

Skills- She's an amazing artist-therefore she's good at camoufloge. Skilled with bow and arrow and swimming.

Weakness- she can't shut up. Her knee is a bit messed up too.

Strategy- swims through the water with her arrow and pops up and suprises them.

Personality- an avid talker, nice, reads a lot, shes smart. ish. always excited. very girly

appearance- Brown/Blonde hair always in a ponytail or a bun, grey-green eyes, and wide eyes

History- Lived in a casual, middle class neighbor hood, and had a fairly simple and normal childhood. untill the hunger games started, and she was reaped for then.

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