January 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
January 3 1st Hunger Games Ethan Ames Iroh Ragnorok
January 3 Mockingjay5 45th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 Jakob Carver
January 4 Racmany's 175th Hunger Games Racmany Micy Cumput
January 5 91st Hunger Games! Mac1313 unfinished
January 9 25th Hunger Games Ethan Ames unfinished
January 11 My 1st Hunger Games? TotalDramaRox97 Keilyn Lark
January 12 THE 1ST HUNGER GAMES Silveraqua16 Anala Pryor
January 15 Story HungerGamesFan Chase Egress
January 15 Elviaalova's 250 hunger games Elivaalova (two victors)
January 16 The 76th Hunger Games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
January 22 My Second Story! HungerGamesFan Taby
January 23 100th Hunger Games! TheHungerGamesRule7 unfinished
January 24 Racmany's 50th Hunger Games Racmany Sinistra Venus
January 25 The 55th Hunger Games! SinisterCreamPuffs unfinished
January 26 TotalDramaRox97's 2nd Hunger GamesI TotalDramaRox97 Terra Storm

February 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
February 1 The 3rd Hunger Games HungerGamesFan unfinished
February 1 The 75th hunger game Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
February 2 100th Hunger Games!! Leshawna333 Moss Twilight
February 2 Mockingjay5 46th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 unfinished
February 8 TotalDramaRox97's 3rd Hunger GamesI TotalDramaRox97 Splash Blue
February 13 tacosalad1127's First Hunger Games Tacosalad1127

Moss Dawn

February 17 My First Hunger Games!!!! - 2 - 3 Naffin unfinished
February 19 Earth12's first annual hunger games! Earth12 Nari Laora
February 19 My 2nd Hunger Games Anon.... Kipcha Pryor
February 22 The Downfall of Panem SalemtheCruel unfinished
February 27 Purplexmuffin's 14th Annual Hunger Games Purplexmuffin unfinished
February 27 TotalDramaRox97's 4th Hunger Games TotalDramaRox97 Ronda Grouge

March 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
March 1 Firecatcher3 67th Hunger Games Firecatcher3 Kovu Seys
March 3 The 3rd Hunger Games Raeoki Katherine Storm
March 3 The Eyes of a Serpent SalemtheCruel unfinished
March 6 The 5th Hunger Games HungerGamesFan unfinished
March 12 Tacosalad1127's Second Hunger Games Tacosalad1127 Hunter Saul
March 13 16th Hunger Games Tiki tooki Spring Howards
March 14 37th Hunger Games!! Leshawna333 (two victors)
March 14 My 1st Hunger Games! Jacob55111 unfinished
March 15 The 2nd Hunger Games Silveraqua16 unfinished
March 17 A piece in your Games Ahalosniper (unknown)
March 19 The 57th Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Daniel Zlevor
March 20 My Original Story TeamPeetaForever (unknown)
March 23 TotalDramaRox97's 5th Hunger Games TotalDramaRox97 Lizzy Blue
March 27 1st Hunger Games!! Finnick is awesome12 unfinished
March 28 The 3rd Hunger Games: Mentors & Apprentices Raeoki (unknown)

April 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
April 2 THE FIRST EVER WHYVILLE BBS HUNGER GAMES Horcruxsquared unfinished
April 2 My 3rd Hunger Games Anon... (three victors)
April 2 Panther12's 20th Hunger Games Panther12 unfinished
April 2 My First Hunger Games!!!!!!!!! :) Kelfaless unfinished
April 3 1st Fanfiction Piece Panther12 (unknown)
April 7 SerpentKing999's 1st Annual Hunger Games SerpentKing999 Ronda Grouge
April 9 Hunger Games: Fan version - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Moonstream98 unfinished
April 9 25th Hunger Games InsertRandomnessHere unfinished
April 9 A Hunger Games Using Only My Own Tributes!!! Fidofiderson Chell Portal
April 9 Fanfiction: The Last Arena Ahalosniper unfinished
April 9 Phoenix's 1st Hunger Games Phoenixfeather13TheSecond (seventeen victors)
April 10 EffieLuna's 19th Hunger Games! EffieLuna unfinished
April 12 Earth12's Second Hunger Games! Earth12 unfinished
April 16 TP's First Annual Hunger Games!!!! Team Peeta Parker Fernx,
April 18 The Super Games Rosella6 unfinished
April 20 SerpentKing999's 2nd Annual Hunger Games SerpentKing999 Marko Flame
April 20 Ancora Jacob55111 (unknown)
April 20 Mockingjay5 47th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 unfinished
April 21 The Girl with the Big Blue Eyes TeamPeetaForever (unknown)
April 21 The Last Reaping Emily Nguyen (unknown)
April 23 The 1st Victor's Hunger Games Emily Nguyen unfinished
April 25 My first games Hungergames fan girl unfinished
April 26 The 36th Hunger Games Sparrow Hazelthorn Tinder Leafs
April 27 Poison Ivy Purplexmuffin unfinished
April 29 SerpentKing999's Fanfiction: Battle Between Nations SerpentKing999 unfinished
April 30 Fanfiction: The 61st Hunger Games! Brony12 unfinished

May 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
May 1 My Own Games Leshawna333 unfinished
May 1 Primrose + GroundShaker's Fanfiction - 2 GroundShaker unfinished
May 1 TP's Quarter Quell!!! Team Peeta Summer Trailwind
May 4 Fanfiction! :D Earth12 unfinished
May 5 The 275th Hunger Games Tiki tooki (three victors)
May 7 TotalDramaRox97's 6th Hunger Games TotalDramaRox97 unfinished
May 8 48th Hunger Games HungerGamesFan unfinished
May 8 Katniss Everdeen's Birthday Party Tacosalad1127 (unknown)
May 8 SerpentKing999's 3rd Annual Hunger Games SerpentKing999 unfinished
May 12 Morgan Silve's 1st Anual Hunger Games! Morgan Silve (three victors)
May 13 Fiction Hunger Games Anon.... Leo Valdez
May 19 The 1st FA Hunger Games Fallen Angell unfinished
May 20 Story of Annie from district 4 SceneQueen998 unfinished
May 21 Fanon Story:West of Panem Jisu Lee unfinished
May 23 What lies beyond Panem? Julian Espinoza (unknown)
May 23 How Panem Was Formed Tiki tooki (unknown)
May 30 Question Quell - Season 1 - Week 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -7- 8 - 9 Wolverine1717 PurplexMuffin

June 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
June 2 Favorite Tribute Tournament! Julian Espinoza unfinished
June 2 Phoenix's Quarter Quell Phoenixfeather13TheSecond unfinished
June 4 38th Hunger Games! Leshawna333 unfinished
June 7 45th Hunger Games Newgirl101 unfinished
June 9 The 37th Hunger Games Sparrow Hazelthorn unfinished
June 11 The 57th Hunger Games EphedraCharles unfinished
June 11 The 4th Hunger Games Raeoki unfinished
June 12 MB's 1st Hunger Games Moon Beam unfinished
June 13 The 52nd Hunger Games Rueflower unfinished
June 16 The 64th Annual Games - The Shattered Pack Ahalosniper unfinished
June 17 Dagostino's First Hunger Games! Dagostino unfinished
June 18 Racmany's 33rd Hunger Games Racmany unfinished
June 20 GroundShaker's 1st Annual Hunger Games (featuring Primrose1444) GroundShaker unfinished
June 20 65 Hunger Games District145 unfinished
June 23 128th Hunger Games Panemkiller Lavender Snow
June 24 EffieLuna's 34th Hunger Games EffieLuna Linzie Koster
June 30 The 47th Hunger Games! Jabberjay78 Albany York
June 30 The 13th Annual Hunger Games Fantasyfilm99 unfinished

July 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
July 2 63 Hunger Games: Inter and Check on Your Tributes Eievie unfinished
July 2 PurplexMuffin's Summer Long Games Purplexmuffin unfinished
July 4 I.J.'s 1st Hunger Games I.J. unfinished
July 12 Family Reunion Fallen Angell (unknown)
July 13 100th Hunger Games Hungergames fan123 unfinished
July 19 72nd Hunger Games FloraWoods unfinished
July 21 The Prom Games Rueflower unfinished
July 25 EffieLuna's 500th Hunger Games - yes, a Quarter Quell!!! EffieLuna unfinished
July 25 The Eleventh Annual Hunger Games! Kenzen11 Rhea Dust
July 25 The First Annual Hunger Games...sign up now! Algernon, the mustache man unfinished
July 26 MacKenzie - A fanifiction games Effieluna unfinished
July 27 The 14th Annual Hunger Games Fantasyfilm99 unfinished
July 29 Pandot's 1st Annual Hunger Games!!! Pandot369 unfinished
July 31 Mikhail's First Annual Hunger Games (Sign Up Your Tributes Now) Mikhail101 Rebecca Behead

August 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
August 1 The 78th Hunger Games! Jabberjay78 Whimzi Electrelle
August 4 *The 1st Annual Hunger Games* Iridescent~Lightning unfinished
August 5 My First Annual Hunger Games Tommyboy97 Star Sun
August 6 66th Hunger Games! Leshawna333 unfinished
August 6 150 Hunger Games Nate777 Kitty, Lilac, Apollo, Ruby, and Ice
August 9 MnkyGrlsj's 1st Anual Hunger Games MnkyGrlsj unfinished
August 12 The 111th Hunger Games Dinosaurbones111 unfinished
August 15 Wolverine1717's 1st Annual Hunger Games! Wolverine1717 unfinished
August 15 Morgan's 3rd Anual Hunger Games Morgan silve unfinished
August 16 Brony12's 51st Hunger Games Brony12 unfinished
August 16 My Second Annual Hunger Games Tommyboy97 Nolt Ranfer
August 16 Tiki Tooki's Tribute Awards Tiki tooki Cancelled
August 17 Hunger Games Alternate Ending Julian Espinoza Fan-Fiction
August 17 Sky's First Games SkyBender101 unfinished
August 18 The First Quarter Quell K.V.T unfinished
August 21 The 79th Games Jabberjay78 Sonny Raine
August 22 EffieLuna's 501st Hunger Games!!!!! EffieLuna unfinished
August 22 Pearl's 74th Games ScHaRyPeArL unfinished
August 22 My Third Annual Hunger Games Tommyboy97 6 Victors
August 24 Mikhail's 2nd Annual Hunger Games (Sign Up Now) Mikhail 101 unfinished
August 25 Angel246's First Annual Hunger Games Angel246 unfinished
August 25 The 74th Annual Hunger Games Bklmc5 Fan-Fiction
August 28 prezziesnows first hunger games Prezziesnow9704:)! Kedzie Woods
August 29 Katniss and Friends: Hunger Games Adventure! Dinosaurbones111 Fan-Fiction
August 29 The First Annual Hunger Games Nemphisi unfinished

September 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
September 3 The Redemption Games Tiki tooki Three Victors
September 3 The 76th Hunger Games!!! Tributes are the Capitol Children. Chysauuur 22 unfinished
September 4 Brony10's First Hunger Games! Brony10 unfinished
September 5 Nate777's 151st Hunger Games Nate777 unfinished
September 10 The Modern Hunger Games Jabberjay78 (three victors)
September 11 Prezziesnows second hunger games Prezziesnow9704:)! 10 victors
September 11 Katniss and Friends: The Curse of Rebecca Black Dinosaurbones111 Fan Fiction
September 11 My Fourth Annual Hunger Games Tommyboy97 Anna Krylov
September 12 The Fifteenth Annual Hunger Games! Kenzen11 unfinished
September 13 The 1st Illustrated Hunger Games Foxface911 unfinished
September 17 User Games TotalDramaRox97 unfinished
September 17 Question Quell Season 2 : W1 - W2 - W3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 Wolverine1717 unfinished
September 17 My Hunger Games Primprim1 unfinished
September 17 the 175 hunger games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
September 17 The Rebels (A Hunger Games) LollipopDreams unfinished
September 18 The 100th Hunger Games District Four Girl unfinished
September 18 The 43rd hunger games! FanOfStuff unfinished
September 18 The 7th Hunger Games Sydney567 unfinished
September 19 8th Hunger Games Leshawna333 unfinished
September 21 The Half Hunger Games StormyNight01 unfinished
September 22 The Modern Hunger Games Archive Jabberjay78 unfinished
September 22 TotalDramaRox97's Hunger Games 7th Hunger Games TotalDramaRox97 unfinished
September 24 CLOVE1001'S 325TH HUNGER GAMES Clove1001 unfinished
September 25 Necterine411's 1st Hunger Games Necterine411 unfinished
September 25 PurplexMuffin's 76th Annual Hunger Games, Part 1: The Reapings Purplexmuffin unfinished
September 26 The User Games! (two authors) unfinished
September 27 District2's 425th Hunger Games Distrct2 unfinished
September 27 Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games Clove1001 unfinished

October 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
October 1 My Fifth Annual Hunger Games Tommyboy97 Dallas Tinsle
October 3 254th Hunger Games, the Games of Danger Clove1001 unfinished
October 3 Prezziesnows Third Hunger games Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
October 4 The Hunger Games AnimalLarsen unfinished
October 5 Firecatcher3's 68th Annual Hunger Games Firecatcher3 unfinished
October 5 The 72nd Hunger Games Akuhano unfinished
October 7 The Horror Games! Brony12 unfinished
October 8 Rockman's Quarter Quell Rockman117 unfinished
October 9 The 27th Hunger Games Chilldude5 unfinished
October 9 My Last Hunger Games!!! Elivaalova unfinished
October 9 The Apocalyptic Games Jabberjay78 unfinished
October 9 The Hunger Games Quater Quell AnimalLarsen unfinished
October 10 My 4th Hunger Games (Or the cryptic Hunger Games.) Anon... unfinished
October 10 113th Hunger Games! Hungergamesrocks unfinished
October 10 The Earth Games Nate777 unfinished
October 11 The 80th Annual Hunger Games! UndercoverGleek1 unfinished
October 11 My New Hunger Games :D Rosella6 unfinished
October 11 274th Games (aka Chemical Games) Clove1001 (four victors)
October 12 The First Ever Board Game Games Skybender101 unfinished
October 14 The Pinnacle Games Tiki tooki unfinished
October 16 The Capitol Games Anna-Athena (two victors)
October 16 The Twist Games CrescentHearts unfinished
October 17 THE 277th HUNGER GAMES! TomGurl22 unfinished
October 18 Necterine411's Quell Necterine411 unfinished
October 19 Rockman's 26th Hunger Games Rockman117 (five victors)
October 19 The Tenth Hunger Games Parachuti unfinished
October 20 Career Style 74th Games Clove1001 unfinished
October 20 The Extreme Games Mopping (Two Victors)
October 21 The 1st Hunger Games Rose Hathaway unfinished
October 22 Prom Games Rueflower unfinished
October 23 The Amusement Games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
October 23 Brony12's 65th Hunger Games Brony12 unfinished
October 24 Brandon's 1st Hunger Games Awobbie unfinished
October 28 Lunaii Games - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 Bklmc5 ???

October 29

The Clove Games Clove1001 unfinished
October 29 The Neighborhood Games? Hungergamesrocks (six victors)
October 29 Letting Go: Eclipse Glade after her games Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
October 29 After the Rebellion Anna-athena (fan-fiction)
October 30 Zelda after the Games Hungergamesrocks (fan-fiction)
October 30 The Mutt Games Mopping (five victors)
October 30 Everlasting (A Clato Fanfic) EffieLuna (fan-fiction)
October 30 The 100th Quell Mikalmt unfinished
October 31 The 65th Hunger Games Anna-athena Artemis Elto
October 31 Mopping's 3rd Hunger Games Mopping unfinished

November 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
November 1 Colbie Cain after her Games Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
November 3 My First Hunger Games BCHRforev unfinished
November 4 Holiday-Based Games Contest - Results Anna-athena unfinished
November 5 Canada Day Games (217,890th Hunger Games) Clove1001 unfinished
November 5 77th Hunger Games Clove1999 Kajama Odair
November 6 The Story of Waterlily Wave and Splash Blue TeamPeetaForever (fan-fiction)
November 7 The Hunger Games 2 AnimalLarsen unfinished
November 9 My Super Psycho Christmas Party Tommyboy97 unfinished
November 9 The Olympic Hunger Games Anon.... unfinished
November 9 Mother's Day Games TeamPeetaForever unfinished
November 9 Mim the Unknown Tribute Hungergamesrocks (fan-fiction)
November 9 Rockman's 27th Hunger Games Rockman117 (five victors)
November 9 The Continued Hunger Games The Storm Rider

(fan-fiction, crossover)

November 10 Chinese New Year Games Skybender101 unfinished
November 10 The Family Games Rueflower unfinished
November 10 Mayflower Massacre Necterine411 unfinished
November 10 The Passion Games EffieLuna unfinished
November 11 The Green Games Nate777 unfinished
November 11 Night of the Living Dead: The 125th Hunger Games Purplexmuffin unfinished
November 11 The 100th Hunger Games The Storm Rider unfinished
November 11 The 25TH Hunger Games Story Clove1999 unfinished
November 11 The Accident Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
November 12 The SweetHeart Games Anna-athena unfinished
November 13 A Game of Victors' Children Anna-athena unfinished
November 14 Rillups first Hunger Games Rillup100 unfinished
November 14 Death Games SkyAngel81 (fan-fiction)
November 15 101st Hunger Games Benuc184 Kajama Odair
November 16 Moviepopcorns games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
November 16 THE ELECTORAL GAMES!!! TomGurl22 unfinished
November 17 37th Hunger Games Tigris1 unfinished
November 18 The Picture Games Nemphisi unfinished
November 19 The 1st Hunger Games Rueflower unfinished
November 21 The Sky Games Thunderclan101 unfinished
November 23 The 1st Ever Hunger Games Nate777 (fan-fiction)
November 23 The Laser Tag Games! QuinnQuinn unfinished
November 23 Kajama Odair After Her Games Anna-athena (fan-fiction)
November 23 Gavin Octavian after his games. TomGurl22 (fan-fiction)
November 24 The 99th Hunger Games! TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe unfinished
November 24 250th Quarter Quell Clove1999 unfinished
November 25 Christmas Complication Trillium911 unfinished
November 25 THE WORST VICTORY TOUR EVER Hungergamesrocks (fan-fiction)
November 25 Renee7's First Hunger Games of Panem Renee7 unfinished
November 25 The 2nd Hunger Games Rose Hathaway unfinished
November 25 Jisu's First Capture The Flag Games Jisu Lee unfinished
November 26 The Death Lunaii Games Rueflower unfinished
November 26 Anna-athena's Lunaii Games Anna-athena unfinished
November 26 The Mysterys of the Hunger Games Jisu Lee (fan-fiction)
November 27 A little spoof! Moviepopcorn123 (fan-fiction)
November 27 The Torture Games Anthonychairez11 unfinished
November 27 The Hunger Games Murder In The Dark Nate777 unfinished
November 27 Everdeen's Hunger Games Everdeen unfinished
November 28 The Reverse Lunaii Competition Foxface911 unfinished
November 28 The Secret, Hollow Forest Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
November 29 One Big Happy Hunger Games Hungergamesrocks unfinished

December 2011

December 1-15, 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
December 1

The Ultimate Hunger Games Wiki Quiz Show

Episode 1

EffieLuna unfinished
December 1 The First Ever Hogwarts Games Mopping unfinished
December 2 Kill Christmas: A Hunger Games Special Renee7 (postponed until 11/2012)
December 2 Killer Christmas Games Renee7 unfinished
December 3 Rockman's Lunaii Competition: Round 2 Rockman117 ????
December 3 The 48th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 unfinished
December 3 The Ultimate Partner Hunger Games Competition! Skybender101 unfinished
December 3 Christmas Romance Anna-athena (fan-fiction)
December 3 Cato in the Games Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
December 3 Psycho Santa Renee7 (fan-fiction)
December 5 The Semi-Annual LimaQuinn Hunger Games Limaheights, QuinnQuinn unfinished
December 5 The 76th Annual Hunger Games Bklmc5 unfinished
December 7 100th Quarter Quell Clove1999 unfinished
December 8 The First Christmas Hunger Games Tacosalad1127 unfinished
December 9 Skyandbray's 4th Quarter Quell Skyandbray unfinished
December 10 The Secret Games Black~Yellow unfinished
December 10 Mopping's Tournament Mopping unfinished
December 10 Team vs. Team Rueflower unfinished
December 10 A very Hunger Games Christmas Hungergamesrocks unfinished
December 11 Question Quell S3 - Episode 1234567891011 Wolverine1717 unfinished
December 11 District Zero Hunger Games Tommyboy97 unfinished
December 12 The Journey: A Story of True Love and Devotion Rueflower (fan-fiction)
December 13 The Ironic Games Tommyboy97 unfinished
December 13 Very Gruesome Games (three authors) unfinished
December 15 Clove1999's Lunaii Games Clove1999 unfinished

December 16-31, 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
December 16 74th Games (Seen By Gale) Rueflower (fan-fiction)
December 17 Merit Parker - A true Survivor Clove1999 (fan-fiction)
December 20 The 80th Hunger Games Bubble0 unfinished
December 21 The Victor's Children Mikalmt unfinished
December 21 Bazett's First Hunger Games Bazett unfinished
December 21 The Wedding Emily Nguyen (fan-fiction)
December 21 73rd Hunger Games Bananaman321 unfinished
December 21 The Opposite Games Peetasucks unfinished
December 22 Nightengale Clove1999 (fan-fiction)
December 22 Granger's first hunger games Granger1000 (two victors)
December 22 The Hunger Games: Peeta's POV Everdeen (fan-fiction)
December 22 Brony12's 53rd Hunger Games Brony12 unfinished
December 23 THE 25 HUNGER GAMES Rueflower unfinished
December 24 The Victors Games Anna-athena unfinished
December 24 The Hunger Games has got talent! - User Time! Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
December 25 The Musical Chair Games Skyandbray unfinished
December 25 The 25th Hunger Games Iluvgale unfinished
December 26 The 2nd Hunger Games Moon Beam unfinished
December 27 The Maze Runner Games Rockman117 unfinished
December 27 Hunger Games Choose Your Own Adventure Rueflower (fan-fiction)
December 28 37th Hunger Games Bananaman321 unfinished
December 29 The Comic Book Games Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
December 31 Grangers 2nd Hunger Games! Granger1000 unfinished

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