Lou welder

Louis "Lou" Welder was one of the District 2 males for the 200th Hunger Games by Cloveismywife, made by Jsm13athome.

200th Hunger Games

Lou volunteered to go into the Games. In the reaping battle, he was with Demetria Callitor, Hugo Jenston, and Tracy Volt. The alliances were obvious. Demetria and Lou went against Tracy and Hugo. After a bit of fighting, Tracy killed Demetria with a hammer. Lou was depressed for a while. Once he returned to the arena, Demetria had been brought back. They went to kill tributes, and he got one kill: Kate Bloom of District 9. That night, Hugo and Tracy left their alliance, and that stirred things up a bit. On the second day, not much action occured. On the third day, Katy Belle from District 4 poisoned the food supply, which killed Misty Calden from 4, and Demetria. It is hinted that he had a romantic interest in her, as he kissed her after she died. Navy blamed Callam, both from 1, and he killed him. Summer Ashton from District 1 killed Navy, and she and Lou went out to the beach in opening 3. There, an alliance consisting of Forsythia Aljiscic, Xavior Chance, both from 8, and Allison Wood from 5, was. Later, Forsythiaa created a poison gas bomb, and threw it at them. Her arm failed her and it hit the ground not too far from them. All five of them were forced to move closer to the waves. Lou fired an arrow at Xavior's back, killing him instantly. Then, the feast came. The final ten went up, and Lou managed to kill his hird victim, Hugo Jenston. When it came down to the final five, it was him, Summer, Forsythia, Theo from 8, and Destiny from 11. Forsythia fired a dart at his neck, and he received fifth place.

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