Luna is the female tribute from District 6. Created by AW3SOM3 S4MU3L

Luna Moon


Luna Moon

Gender: Female

District 6

Age: 13

Weapon(s): Mace, Bow & Arrow

Alliance: D7

Strenghth(s): Running, agility

Weakness(s): Climbing

Personality: Sweet, kind,

Appearance: Platinum, green Eyes, olive Skin

Bloodbath: Run away! Stand at the edge of the woods and wait for an opening.

Interview Angle: Sweet, talks softly

Backstory: She studies engineering at school. She has a friend and is very likable. She is very outgoing and will do whatever she puts her mind to it. She is a good student and likes Social Studies. She has a dog named Lua who likes to cuddle with her.

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