Macy Rayle
The Conspirator
Created by Aria

Macy Mirium
“Don’t worry. This poison is slow and painful.”

Macy Mirium
Macy has the palest skin ever with wavy hair whiter than snow. She always wears a friendly grin on her face, but the malicious glint in her amethyst eyes are always overlooked.

Macy stands at 5'6" with a nimble figure. She is always seen wearing a black hoodie that people would refer to as cute. However, when she's wearing a bandana around her mouth, you'll know she's out for business and you should run like hell.

Macy looks exactly like the innocent flower she is. That is, until she stabs you in the back.
Everyone who knew Macy as Macy would describe her as the bravest and most loyal friend with a heart of gold. She is the kindest person ever and would never hesitate to help her friends, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

The Macy that exists now manages to keep up this facade of the same, innocent girl she used to be perfectly. That's how most people can't see through her lies and believes her to be pure at heart. The only time Macy will reveal her true self to anyone is when they're completely alone and about to die at her hands.

Macy is a lying, little brat. She's a curious and conniving person who loves conspiracy theories. She's extremely intelligent, strategic and aware of her surroundings. She has the sharpest memory. She uses these assets that her potential allies will like... until they get murdered by Macy.

Macy is pure evil, but the fact that she lives under the guise of innocence with extremely helpful tactics to last her in the Games the longest makes her all the more deadly.

The Rayles were a powerful family, practically ruling District 6 with their transportation company. With their bitter rivalry with the Wrights, there have been more than just a couple incidents involving the two families, but we're not here to talk about that.

Marta Rayle had five children. One was Earlin, whom most other Rayles know of, Anya, Stacy, Clement, and Sawyer, who was very unheard of in the Rayle family. It was such that Sawyer was very estranged to his siblings, and they almost grew up not knowing each other at all. By the time Earlin had had his first child, Sophia, Sawyer had moved away to District 0.

He met a woman named Marissa Heller in District 0, and after a while since they got married, they had a child named Macy.

As Macy grew up, she knew very little about her family. The least she knew was from newspapers and gossip around town, as her father didn't care too much about what was happening to the rest of the Rayles. Whenever she would ask about the Rayles, or even their rivalry with the Wrights, Sawyer would just shrug and point her to the news, which admittedly didn't have nearly enough information she wanted.

So, she began asking people around.

"What do you think really happened to Sophia Rayle?" "Who were the Wright spies that murdered Sophia, and are they dead?" "What if it was actually a group of Rayles that murdered Sophia just to blame the Wrights?"

As Macy grew up, moved to different Districts and talked to different people about the Rayles and Wrights, her questions about their history turned into conspiracy theories. Soon, she knew enough about her family, including things that were blatant lies and things that seemed to be discretely hidden from everyone else. However, she was no longer totally interested in finding out more, as everything she found seemed repeated.

Instead, she liked hearing theories and sharing theories of our own, no matter how absurd or how well thought-out they were. Unsurprisingly, there were many people who hated her theories.

Macy was careful never to use her real name when discussing these. She'd made quite a few enemies who wanted to get back at her, and they could easily do so if they learnt that she was a Rayle herself.

After all, names were very dangerous.

Naturally, she learnt how to use weapons—just in case. Of course, the deadliest of them was blackmail. Her second favourite was poison, albeit she rarely used it.

When Macy was fifteen and living in the Capitol, Dalton Rayle hosted a party. Sawyer, Marissa and Macy were invited, but seeing as her parents weren't going to attend, Macy went there herself.

Undercover, of course.

With a black bandanna strapped around her mouth and the name of Darcy Blue, she went to the party.

Macy was sitting at the bar, despite being fifteen years old and having no intention to drink whatsoever. It was easier to get information from drunkards when you weren't drunk yourself, anyway. All she was doing was keeping an eye and an ear out for everything around her, catching snippets of conversation, when someone came up to her.

"Aside from being hot, what does someone like you do for a living?" a sluggish voice asked her, obviously not realising she was underage and would threaten to break his nose afterwards.

From the back, you could say Macy looked seductive. From the front, not so much. The second she turned around and the drunkard saw her deadly eyes and bandanna, he immediately took a step back. "Damn. You, uh, weren't what I was expecting."

Macy narrowed her eyes. "Believe me, I'm full of surprises," she spat venomously. "Still." She gestured for him to take a seat next to her, making it evident it was for business and not a hook-up.

The guy sat down next to her and ordered a glass of vodka.

"You know this party's being hosted by Dalton Rayle, right?" asked Macy.

The guy nodded lightly. "Yeah, what about it?"

"What do you know about the Rayles?" she continued.

He tilted his head. "Uh, they're got a transportation company. They're pretty powerful. I heard some Wright spy or whatever murdered the second-in-command's daughter—Sophie, was it?"

"Sophia," corrected Macy, "but whatever. What if I told you that it wasn't actually a Wright spy who killed her, but actually a Rayle?"

The drunkard narrowed his eyes. "The Rayles are a prestigious family, not to mention the ones hosting this party. You'd better watch your mouth. Any wrong word could easily get someone like you killed."

Macy scoffed, unaffected by his threat. "I know what I'm getting into." While he was looking away, Macy slipped a drop of poison into his drink. It was best to get rid of him, especially since he could tell too many people in a party full of Rayles.

"What's your name, anyway, girlie?" he asked.

Macy gritted her teeth. "It could be anything." As she watched him take a sip of his drink, Macy got up and left the bar area, before bumping into someone she faintly recognised from pictures on television and in newspapers—Denver Rayle, brother of Sophia.

"Watch where you're going," growled Denver.

Macy couldn't possibly be intimidated by this twelve-year-old, but she amused him anyway. "My apologies. Say, are you Denver Rayle?" She already knew the answer, but she asked him anyway.

Denver nodded, taking pride in his family name. "Yes, I'm a Rayle. Denver Rayle."

"I'm Darcy Blue," Macy lied. It would be easy to get him to talk. "So, what happened to your sister?"

Macy was talking about Sophia, but Denver mistook it for Eleanor. "Oh, Eleanor? Yeah, we're keeping an eye on her."

Now intrigued, Macy asked, "Why are you keeping watch over her?"

"So she doesn't get into any business with that damned Wright," growled Denver. "I'd kill Eros if I had the chance."

Macy's eyes widened. This was new information to her. "Oh? What's going on between your sister and that Wright?"

"They think they can keep their relationship a secret, but Victor and I are determined to keep them apart," explained Denver, not realising he'd said too much.

Macy nodded. "Exactly what did Eleanor..." She trailed off when she noticed two mildly intimidating men walking towards her way. She recognised them as friends of the drunkard who she had poisoned earlier, and they evidently had a bone to pick with Macy.

"It was nice meeting you, Denver," said Macy, before quickly leaving and hiding in a crowd to save herself, leaving the party unscathed shortly afterwards.

At least she finally got new information.

Still jumping from District to District, she talked to more people. She learnt more secrets. She told more lies. She told more truths. All of these, intriguing people, angering people, dealing in blackmail—it was merely a game to her now.

A game that could ruin someone's life.

Of course, this game of hers could often become deadly. Like the enemies she had made before, she made even more, and had to systematically get rid of the more threatening ones.

She was about to do exactly that to such a group of people after her reaping when she was sixteen.

Macy had never had to take tesserae, so there was a pretty low chance that she would be reaped. She'd never been reaped since she was twelve, and there was very little chance that she'd be reaped now.

Unconcerned, she made her way to the reaping, passing a few men who were talking amongst themselves. They all looked at Macy.

Macy, upon noticing this, glanced at them. "Gentlemen," she greeted neutrally, before taking one more step and stopping when one of them spoke.

"Have fun at the reaping, Macy Rayle."

Blood drained from Macy's face. How would they have gotten to know her real name? If they did...

Macy blinked nonchalantly. "Who's that? My name is Arielle Montez," she replied coolly.

Macy turned away from them and tried making her way to the reaping as normally as possible.

If they knew her name... it could result in something very bad.

She was standing amongst the sixteen-year-olds as the escort was talking, still wondering how they knew her name.

"Let's start with the girls." The escort reached into the bowl and picked out a card. "Macy Rayle."


Macy refused to move. Seeing as no one here knew where or who she was, there wouldn't be a problem, would there?

"Macy Rayle? Come on up."

The reaping bowl was obviously rigged. Every single card in it read Macy Rayle, and Macy knew that very well.

"Macy Rayle."

Macy glanced behind her and saw Peacekeepers starting to make their way towards her. She then walked to the stage, keeping up a facade of indifference.

"How are you feeling?"

"Absolutely peachy," replied Macy sarcastically.

After the male tribute was reaped/volunteered and they shook hands, Macy put on an innocent and brave smile, not caring at all how innocent or intimidating that boy was.

She didn't care at all for the rest of the tributes. But she needed to pretend to do so to be the last one standing.

Basic Info
Name: Macy Rayle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District: District 0
Other District Choices: Any District
Main Weapon: Poison, but only in secret
Secondary Weapons: Dual-wielding daggers
Strengths & Skills Agile, fast, intelligent, plant knowledge, healing, manipulative, stealthy
Weaknesses & Fears: Physical strength, ranged combat, fear of getting caught in the act
Interview Strategy: Come off as loyal but strong, kind but brave, innocent but will kill those who hurt her or her friends
Bloodbath Strategy Get supplies for everyone, but secret weapons only for yourself and leave the bloodbath without killing anyone
Games Strategy: Stick with your allies, slowly killing them off
Token: The black bandana she rarely puts on
Alliance: A small group of innocent tributes; the Rayles
Common Mistakes to Avoid

Macy does not pretend to be weak. She shows everyone that she can be deadly. Macy pretends to be innocent, not weak.

-Macy is in the Rayle family created by Billie and Alex.

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