D4 Marissa Clearwater

Marissa Clearwater is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Four, and her district partner is Troy Costas or Surf Sup.


Age: 17

District: 4

Weapon: Trained with many at Career Academy. Prefers a trident.

Strengths: Marissa, as is typical for tributes from Four, is a very strong swimmer. She is talented with a trident and okay with most other weapons. She is also surprisingly intelligent and will try to help lead the Careers towards making better decisions.

Weaknesses: Her speed on land is limited. Being from Four, she has a distinct advantage in the water and loses a bit of her competitive edge away from the water.

Personality: Marissa is thoughtful and wise, making her a good fit for the leader of the Careers (although they likely won't see this side of her.) She cares for others, but understands that she is in the games to come back home alive, and is determined to do so.

Strategy: Career alliance. Try to keep the others from becoming too arrogant, but don't put herself in danger by taking too much control. She has the confidence to take out the other Careers at the end if necessary.

Token: Seashell

History: Marissa was a fairly typical student at Career Academy in District Four. She was chosen as the representative for Four because of her versatility. She is not exceptional with any one skill (although she is very good with a trident), and does not have any one trait she will rely on. However, she was able to gain respect by training not to improve strengths, but to minimize weaknesses. She plans on becoming an instructor and teaching this theory to future recruits if she wins.


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