D2 Mason Yourface

Mason Yourface is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Two, and his district partner is Helen Yourface, his twin sister.


Age: 17

District: 2

Weapon: Definitely a mace.

Skills: Killing people with a mace.

Weaknesses: Flipping out when he doesn't have a mace.

Personality: Mason is slightly arrogant. He feels he can run around hitting everybody with a mace and win. Other than this, he is your stereotypical Career.

Strategy: Join the Career alliance. Kill a bunch of people with a mace.

Token: Mace that he invented which can be used to throw another mace (he knows it will be confiscated but hopes the Gamemakers will put it in the Cornucopia)

History: Mason trained for 10 years with a mace back in District 2. He now knows more than you will ever want to know about maces. Unfortunately, this means that he doesn't really know how to use any other weapons very well. One time, when he was training with his sister, he accidentally hit her with a mace and gave her a concussion. Since that incident, he has practiced what he calls 'the dark arts of mace kwon do', which basically makes him look better when beating people to death.


Angry birds12's Amazon Games: 16th/28- Placed in Team 1 with his sister Helen. After Helen formed a rivalry with teammate Kyler Speare, Kyler jumped out of the way of a trident thrown by Matthew Alexander, knowing that Mason would take the hit. Mason died and Helen vowed to avenge his death.

HR's Mega Epic Games:

VDA's 27th Hunger Games:



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