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Matthew was born to a wealthy family residing in District 6. At the time. Drug dealing and crime was running

Matthew Shermald

rampant in the streets so his parents sent him to his aunt's house in the outskirts in town. Finaly, when he was 7 years old, the peacekeepers had pretty much gotten the situation under control, his parents told his aunt to send him home. While he was on the journey there, his parents were killed by a on the run drug dealer. Ever since that day, Matthew has dedicated his life to eliminating all ditrubution of drugs. He has also made it his job to help rehabilite druggies. He's help capture 4 of the 5 remaining drug dealers and has help over 100 drug addicts.


District: 6

age: 18

Gender: Male

Personallity: positive, kind, dashing, generous, nice, eaisly excited, opimistic.

Skills: reasoning, self defense, he had to protect himself from angry druggies, using a knife, using a gun peacekeepers let him use one when hunting dealers, running, wrestling, hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: tends to fall in love with girls he's rehabiliting.

Startegy: ally with his district partner and attempt to help her get off her addiction with meth, protect her till the bitter end.

token: a small book with all the cases of druggies he's helped.

Quote: "There's other ways. Other ways to get past your pain than drugs!"


He is based off of Brony's real life freinds.

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