Maverick Titan is a tribute for District 2 made by Prezziesnow9794:)!. He is the district partner of Marta Wolbere.


Name: Maverick Titan

Age: 16

District: 2

District partner: Marta Wolbere

Weapons: Anything

Skills: Weapons, killing, torture, traps, swimming, running

Strategy: Join the careers and kill everyone.

Weaknesses: Has serious anger problems.

Personality: horrible, vile,

Backstory: maverick was born into a family of victors. Both his mother and father were victors as well as his older brother and his younger sister. When his younger sister was reaped and won all expectation fell onto Maverick, with him being the only child to not have won. So his father and mother began training him extensively, to the point that he was taken out of school to train. His father taught him how to fight hand to hand. He was taught every fighting style imagine able and was beat if he picked the wrong move to done something wrong. His mother taught him about survival skills. Although she didn't actually use them when she won, with her killing most of the tributes in the bloodbath, she knew a lot about them and trained Maverick extensively in them. Like with his dad, he was punished if he picked the wrong edible plant, or couldn't make a fire in under a minute. But the only reason he kept making mistakes was because he was trying to hold onto his sanity. But one day, as his mother beat him for picking a blackberry instead of a blueberry, his sanity snapped. And he lashed out and beat her almost to death. From then on nothing was holding him back and he nearly killed every member of his family at least 2 a week. Eventually they realised they had created a monster. And they become scared of maverick. Which flung him further into isolation and insanity.

Appearance see lunaii.

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