Melania was born into a humble yet wealthy family, they valued life and love over killing and sadisim. Her mother (Trachy) and father hoped she would grow up to be the same way, they succeded. Melania alway


s stood up for the weaker kids at school, she never gossiped and was never mean. She was entered into training to prepare herself incase she was reaped, she quickly learned plants, running, climbing, swimming and wielding a knife. She decidied to stay away from weapons that are classic to her district, poison, spears, swords, maces and thrwoing knives. She learned to use a bow and arrow. Melania has good grades in school. She hates her district partner.




Age: 14

Skills: Bow and arrows, using a knife (not throwing), plants, running, climbing and swimming.

Startagy: DO NOT JOIN THE CAREER PACK!!!!!!!!!! Get bare nesesities and bow and arrows from the cornucopia (possibly a knife too) avoid other tributes and/or killing. But will kill if it's life or death.

Weaknesses: Hates killing, cant start fires.

Token: the neckless in her lunaii

Quote: "I don't understnd why you'd want to take the life of another human being!"

Personality: humble, kind, sweet, smart.

Her District partner is Slasher Quint.

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