Michelle Beach
Michelle Beach







Weapon of Choice

Trident or spear

Best Ranking


Best Training Score


Michelle Beach is a tribute owned by Necterine411. Her District partner is Trout Gar.


Personality: Severely depressed. She hardly ever smiles and shows no kindness or compassion towards others.

History: When she was fourteen her friend was reaped. Her friend was small and weak, and was quickly killed, causing Michelles depression. She believes her reaping is the world's way punishing her for not volunteering for her friend and if she had volunteered she would have won and kept her friend safe. All but her aunt were killed in a fishing "accident" several years ago. In reality her family was killed for trying to start a rebellion.

Skills: Strong, athletic, fast. Good at swimming and is okay with a trident or spear.

Weaknesses: Has no idea how to use any other weapon. Her height is a disadvantage in hiding.

Strategy: Ally with anyone she can find for protection, most likely the Careers. Leave them if they get injured or hurt. Try to avoid any gamemaker traps.

Token: a small bracelet of fishing line, her dead friend's token.

Place: 15th "Sea of Monsters." (District 4 Hunger Games)

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